There I'd thought the repeated urgings to "Press One now" had gone out of style. I think the rash of reprice scammers is what partly inspired the September 2009 ban on bot calls. "Calls using artificial or prerecorded voice messages", says the FCC, are illegal from a sales caller which did not already have your consent.

See discussions for these numbers: 714-244-5025, 402-982-0479
 Dec 22nd, 2010
Second call from these people. Again its a computer autodialer. I love how they say "This is _YOUR_ Credit Card Processor" as if we actually have one...
 Dec 22nd, 2010
Computer dialer said "This is your credit card processor", funny we don't have one... I also loved how the message said to "Press 1 now" 3 times!

So I pressed 1 and Paul from First Data answered. I expressed my displeasure
 Dec 10th, 2010
They are scum of the earth, no person on the other end, I wish someone will burn them in their boiler operational room
 Oct 21st, 2010
Always Answer These Types Of Calls - They Have To Pay For Completed Call. Keep Them Talking As Long As Possible With Fake Info So They Have To Pay More.
alex copeland
 Oct 08th, 2010
These peole are rude and appear to be scam artist. Definitely not a company to do business with!
 Sep 23rd, 2010
Keeps calling, called back no answer, caller ID says, CALIFORNIA.
 Sep 03rd, 2010
Disconnects if you ask to be removed from the list
Trisha Hand
 Jul 23rd, 2009
Keeps calling...
 Oct 24th, 2008