Global Reach Marketing is some kind of moron run telemarketing company! They call constantly most of the time there is no one on the other end to answer. If you try and call them back you are put on hold forever. I gave up after 20 minutes. If you are called by them report them to the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles. I did find their address and some phone numbers, 633 W. 5th, Fl 16, Los Angeles, CA, 90017. The phone numbers are: 213-228-8111, 213-452-6359, 213-533-8042. The last one was disconnected. Maybe they had it disconnected because some moron was calling them too much. I say those of use who are bothered by these brainless twits call them constantly and see how they like it. Suffering from insomnia, can't sleep call them at 3:00 AM.
Caller ID: Caller ID: 213 430 4297
Caller: Global-Reach-International
Caller Type: Telemarketer
 Sep 23rd, 2009
Global Reach Marketing is some kind of moron run telemarketing company! They call constantly most of the time there is no one on the other end to answer. If you try and call them back you are put on hold forever. I gave up after 20 minutes. If you are called by them report them to the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles. I did find their address and some phone numbers, 633 W. 5th, Fl 16, Los Angeles, CA, 90017. The phone numbers are: 213-228-8111, 213-452-6359, 213-533-8042. The last one was disconnected. Maybe they had it disconnected because some moron was calling them too much. I say those of use who are bothered by these brainless twits call them constantly and see how they like it. Suffering from insomnia, can't sleep call them at 3:00 AM.
 Sep 23rd, 2009
to report this number follow this link http://charlotte.bbb.org/consumers
 Jul 28th, 2009
tell me abut urself
 Feb 12th, 2009
 Sep 23rd, 2008
Same JERKS,NEW No.#...213-452-6539(L.A. Calif. area)!!! To many calls(9) in 24hr span...NO ONE at the other end!!
 Sep 04th, 2008
who is this
sharon hojn2
 Aug 12th, 2008
I get 5-6 calls a day from this number (213-533-8042). They often call then call back again in less then a minute. I don't answer.
This is getting to be very disturbing!
 Jul 23rd, 2008
Let them give me their spiel then asked why they were calling me on Sunday, which is Mother's Day no less. Then told them I was on the Do Not Call list and asked why they are calling me and she said Have a good day, good bye (woman with accent)

So frustrating!
 May 11th, 2008
 Mar 04th, 2008
This company calls several times a week and always asks for the same person. I tell her he no longer works here and she still calls back! They are relentless.
 Feb 26th, 2008
How dare someone call me during tax season 4 times in 1 day and say nothing, solicit nothing and sell nothing to me. What a waste! I am on the AG's "DO NOT CALL" list too......
 Feb 20th, 2008
I have become Abbe Normal after 5-6 calls a day from Globalreach Int. and they never say anything, just hang up. How can these people be stopped??????????????
Abbe Normal
 Feb 18th, 2008
these jerks call @ 10:14pm on 2-16-08, globalreach int. 213-426-2705..i am on DNC list and yet these asses call.. this list is not very effective and they do not fear the federal government..this is probably where they got my number from anyway...
anon 123
 Feb 16th, 2008
these a@#holes called 10:14pm 2-15-08 all that was there was music, these assholes need to be removed. i am on thee DNC and still they call.
anon 123
 Feb 16th, 2008
The first time they called it was 10 pm, they woke us up, they hung up. The second, hang up... the third, last night, I didn't even give the girl a chance to talk to me. I told her this was the third time they called, I didn't care what she was selling or what she wanted of me, but that if she called back again that I was going to call the police. We'll see if that got me anywhere. I too am on the DNC list.
 Feb 15th, 2008
were in AZ and they have been calling a lot @ night too
 Feb 12th, 2008
Lady called saying she was calling in response to my inquiry regarding business opportunities on Ebay. Told her I made no such request and to take my number off her calling list and not to call again. These people have called before from a different number 213-533-8042) which I had blocked.
 Jan 31st, 2008
Show up on my caller ID multiple times per day.
 Jan 31st, 2008
VERY RUDE people,
jie chen
 Jan 29th, 2008
Just lazy b****rds lookn to make a quick buck. they need get off they're a**es & get a real job.213-452-6539 also)
I DONT ans. my cell - of course they dont leave a msg. just shows as 'missed call' - I WIN!!!!!!
Ive been hit with this crap since I started looking into going back to college. Got lots of calls on home phone before I switched to using the cell for a contact#.
Wish I knew how to Forward them to federal authorities. Maybe they'll bite on they're deal
 Jan 29th, 2008
I've assigned the name Spam to this number so I don't waste any energy on it. Sometimes it calls five times a day and no one ever answers.
 Jan 29th, 2008
If you are not registered on "Do Not Call" register. Then in 30 days you can filed a complaint. If you are registered, file a complaint. It is really simple, even for some of you!!!!
 Jan 29th, 2008
They call a lot, and I don't know why. I have them blocked and all they get is a busy signal. You would think they would get the message.
 Jan 25th, 2008
This company calls our place of business a few times a day and it is very annoying to get this hang up telemarketing calls at work.
 Jan 23rd, 2008
At least 3 calls a day for weeks.
 Jan 19th, 2008
Please make them stop!!
Not Given
 Jan 18th, 2008
This number keeps coming up on my cell phone and no one leaves a message on my voicemail. I refuse to answer it until I know who it is that is calling.
 Jan 17th, 2008
They called last night. The lady asked for me in a heavy accent and told me she was calling about the application I filled out to make money from google. They would create a web site for me and their "team" would come up with keywords. They would get my site listed with google and everytime someone searched for one of my keywords they would get my site and the money would roll in. Everything I needed was free; all I needed to do was pay the shipping and handling, $1.95. I said, "This is delivered COD?"
"No Miss Kim, you will need to pay the postage up front. You can give me your credit card information and I will take care of that now."
"How did you get my number?"
"You filled out a form on the internet to make money working for google."
"No, I haven't filled out any form. So does this mean that you work for google and you're recruiting me?"
"No miss Kim. We show you how to make money from google. If you'll give me your credit card information, I'll get your package out to you."
"Listen, I work online for a little company that you may have heard of ... it's called The New York Times. I know for a fact that I didn't fill out any form online or anywhere else to make money working with google and I never, and I repeat NEVER give out my credit card information to random people on the telephone. But I'll tell you what; if you want to tell me more about how you're using the google name to rip people off, I'll be happy to refer this information to someone at the Times who writes about interent scams and fraud."

 Jan 17th, 2008
how do you stop these people?
 Jan 17th, 2008
they call several times a day. this is not a residence, this is a law library. when you do answer they hang-up, so I cannot tell them to put this number on the do not call list.
Mckenna Long
 Jan 16th, 2008
I received eight phone calls in the last three days. 98% hang ups, 2% say hello and then hang up.
 Jan 15th, 2008
Calls, doesn't leave message. I blocked their calls.
 Jan 14th, 2008
i am thinking that they are connected to another trainwreck nightmare, the MONEY RESOURCE NETWORK. I attended a MRN seminar, and from that point on, have received these 213-533 8042 calls. MRN is a Vegas based operation/ possible Utah one... Even when you send a certified letter to cancel their service, they continue to bill your credit card. I had to cancel the card...I have notified all attorney generals involved. but i now get impossible numbers of emails, and this annoying call from glob/int. Thank god for cid, i just pick up and drop the receiver. will try donotcall again too...
 Jan 14th, 2008
 Jan 12th, 2008
if thay dont stop calling i will track them down and remove them from the world.
mark johnson
 Jan 12th, 2008
They call four, five times a day. Almost everyday. At one time a girl answered and said if I was interested in purchasing satellite tv reception and hang up abruptly.
 Jan 12th, 2008
keep getting these calls from 4:30 till 9:30 every half hour and get hang ups how do we stop this it is annoying.
 Jan 11th, 2008
 Jan 11th, 2008
This number has called my home 6 times a night for 3 weeks. No one answers when I say HELLO. I have called the number and TOLD THE PERSON ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE TO STOP CALLING, AND THEY CALLED BACK 4 MORE TIMES. WTF???
 Jan 11th, 2008
The assholes wont get the hint. They call up to 10 times a day and I'm sick of it!
 Jan 11th, 2008
They call 8 times a day and hang up.This has been going on for 10 days.
 Jan 11th, 2008
Usually you get a weird number calls, you answer and talk to the air. Now that really pisses a person off. Then I received a phone call about a business kit I signed up online for. I was rolling on the floor when they told me who they were. Its Ebay and they are verifying my shipping information but what it costs $.99 to send it and i can use any type of payment. Of course what do you usually use for paying for your items "PAYPAL". Then the guy preceded to give me run around about paying the shipping fees. I told him that I wanted to use my paypal and he kept asking for card #'s and i said sorry but you are not ebay and he hung on me. LLLLOOOOLLLL! These people never give up do they!
Talking to air
 Jan 11th, 2008
Calls everyday and hangs up repeatedly. NEVER says anything!
 Jan 11th, 2008
They called and asked for Lora My husband said I was not here. Every time after noone says anything and does not leave a message.
Several calls at differnt times of day. I wish they would stop
 Jan 11th, 2008
They never leave any message when you're not at home so you know what they are calling about so your can return their call. They call me 2-3 times a day and I don't know who they are.
Ginger Parker
 Jan 10th, 2008
Caller ID shows Globalreach Int. 213-533-8042. Calls about 5 times a day and when I pick up, the line is blank. Noone says anything. Tried to google the company comes back with a marketing company and a long distance phone company. Called the 800 listed for the long distance company and all I get is "phone busters leave a message" with a beep. This is getting crazy. They have been calling me now for weeks.
Louisiana home
 Jan 10th, 2008
this number calls all day 5-6 times a day. if i answer they just hang up.. and no matter what time you call that number back it is always busy.. who the hell are these poeple and hwy are they calling me???/?
 Jan 10th, 2008
they have been calling since yesterday 1/10/08---this morning 1/11/08 they started at 8am & so far again at 9am. When I pick up the phone--nobody is there
 Jan 10th, 2008
To Whom it may concern : please stop calling my phone number you are getting on my nerves , because you dont answer when i talk
Scott Cobb
 Jan 10th, 2008
These arseholes call my cell phone up to 3 times every day. This same thing happened to me a few months ago with a similar #..and the only way to get them to stop calling is answer the phone when they call and say no to whatever they were asking about (last time it was for some kind of mortgage offer) and they don't call back after that. Only problem is, the one time I answered-no one came on the line when I said hello, so they continue to call back
 Jan 10th, 2008
This number calls my classroom several times a week and left 14 messages without any message over a two week period. I try to call the number back and it is busy.
 Jan 09th, 2008
Called 10 times in 20 minutes. What the *(>* is wrong with these people.
K Adams
 Jan 09th, 2008
They call every night between 5 and 6 pm. It rings twice and then hangs up. The number they are calling is my business cell phone. Is that legal to do telemarketing to cell phones?
 Jan 09th, 2008
Looks like GlobalReach Int is a phone/VoIP gateway company. I got a call from them this afternoon and it was a person from Dell customer service (from India....why?) reminding me of an order status. Basically if you answer this call, do not expect to hear plain, clearly spoken English language,
 Jan 09th, 2008
Caller ID showed GLOBALREACH INT. Phoned back and can only get busy signal. I blocked their number.
 Jan 09th, 2008
please stop these calls
mary cross
 Jan 09th, 2008
they have called me 5 times in less than a hour. I never answer the phone. I just keep placing them on ignore. They don't freaking stop!
 Jan 09th, 2008
stop callin me they call like 5-6 times a day i dont even know how they even got my number but all i know is i want them to stop callin me
 Jan 09th, 2008
they called me how many times in the day and it makes me mad they dont even leave a mesage , i try to call back but the number is busy. Why !!!!!!!!!! they disturb me.
 Jan 09th, 2008
You guys are nuts! And who is the jackass? You are signing up on line for information on working from home and you are recieving these calls because of it! If you think you can put your name and telephone number on an online form and not get phone calls....HELLO! Now....if people would just give you the courtesy of telling you that, you wouldn't have to waste your time trying to find out who keeps calling you!
 Jan 09th, 2008
they called at 8:53pm, 9:31 pm, 9:43 pm, and 10:06 pm on january 7, 2008
 Jan 08th, 2008
Keeps calling..never leaves message.
K Adams
 Jan 08th, 2008
Answered the phone the person asked for me I said I wasn't home and who was calling. The told me and I asked if I could leave a message and they said no they would call back. Tried calling number back and all I got was a busy signle. has called twice in 10 minutes.
 Jan 08th, 2008
Yea, you know why they are always busy? Because they are calling all of us, and who knows who else all day long. Their phones don't have a break in all of their harassment.
Kristi again
 Jan 08th, 2008
Calls every 20 minutes for the last 3 weeks starting at around 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Finally answered to tell them to quit calling, but no one ever, ever talks. Finally stopped answering. It is very annoying, especially when I have young children in bed.
 Jan 08th, 2008
what a ass calling us alot
 Jan 08th, 2008
just the number no answer how to stop it
smooth talker
 Jan 08th, 2008
Jerks called every hour at the exact same time for 5 hours. I called the number back only to get a busy signal. The last time they called they got quite an ear full of what I thought. I hope they answer the next time they decide to call probably in about 45 minutes. Someone should get the calls traced and have charges pressed for harrassment.
 Jan 08th, 2008
calls but no message left. I do not answer but they have called so many times. Please stop them if possible.
nancy lee
 Jan 07th, 2008
dumbass people quit callin!
 Jan 07th, 2008
I get calls from this number on a regular basis but they hang up when I answer. I thin try to call them back at very odd times when I think that they would least expect it but the line is busy. I would really like to find out who this is because I feel as though I am being harrassed. Thank you
 Jan 07th, 2008
they call and hang up!
 Jan 05th, 2008
calls 2 to 3 times a night between 8 and 9 pm
 Jan 05th, 2008
Receive calls on my cell phone from this number 4-8 times per day. I never answer and they never leave a message.
 Jan 05th, 2008
I wanted to say "thank you" to Julie. I just called the 800 number listed in your post and asked them to take my phone number off of their calling list. The guy took my number down and asked for my name (I only gave a first name). He indicated that this would be taken care of (let's hope!!!!) By the way, the number that GlobalReach was using (per my caller ID) was 213-533-8042
 Jan 04th, 2008
This company/person is driving me nuts! They keep calling and calling and calling despite my requests to be taken off their calling lists. They always ask for someone who doesn't live at my home and are rude when I ask who they are/where they are calling from..... Usually they just hang up on me.
 Jan 03rd, 2008
Yeah, He keeps calling us & all phone numbers listed down the line are disconnected or non-working except for 702-877-2420 which is an answering machine. Yesterday you could tell there was a second party on the line & when I asked to have a DNC request honored, they cranked up some music over the phone line so I just hung up. He needs to have his ass thrown back in jail!
 Jan 03rd, 2008
Obviously AL QUITE-A OR Tallywuss calling.I have received so many calls it is re-DICK-LESS.Say something hellish in the phone they are recording and when you say it don't be a wuss and embarrass the whole USA.Why not show some guts and answer INFIDEL HEADQUARTERS, and tell them what you think of their savage hearts,call them DEVILS, TELL THEM their not human, say whatever, they are recording you. MAN-UP WUSSY'S ! Stop thinking oh it a prank, it's a tele marketing scheme while these monsters and evil doers laugh at YOU . THINK OUT OF THE BOX YOU LIVE IN. Wake_UP and smell the stench. That's not a busy signal when you call back, it' the buzzing of flies . Your caller I.D. is being controlled.Telemarketing is torture but this is not telemarketing,IT'S TORTURE FROM OUR STUPID, EVIL, LOW CLASS, ROTTEN ENEMIES. STOP saying I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that-JUST DO IT.
Best Wishes, Signed THE BADGER
Johnnie Hensley
 Jan 03rd, 2008
harassing, disturbing calls. Any legitimate company should be required to show their ID!!!
 Jan 03rd, 2008
Everytime they call they ask for the same person, it's always shane...when you tell them that there is no one here by that name, they get annoyed. Eachtime they call we tell them not to call back, but guess what!?!? Everyday, they call back.
not shane
 Jan 03rd, 2008
These jerks are persistent and have been calling many times a day, but we let the machine pick it up. There was never a message left. Finally I picked up and the want to speak to the business owner. Sounded fishy. Something about an ad and they wanted to verify my information and send me out something in the mail. I hung up on the idiots.
 Dec 29th, 2007
12-21-07 Caller ID showed Globalreach Int Answered phone and got nothing but background noise!!
J Eisenhauer
 Dec 22nd, 2007
called someone else using my full name & called their cell
 Dec 22nd, 2007
Can't this be prevented?
 Dec 21st, 2007
call me every day
 Dec 21st, 2007
Somebody has to know how to block these Morons! What kind of dialing system
are they using and how can we do it to them?
 Dec 21st, 2007
from s.c. i get a call from this number at least every day...can you tell me who it is? no one ever speaks they just hang up..
 Dec 21st, 2007
They have called several times, leave no message, I don't answer this type of call.
 Dec 21st, 2007
These people call at least two or more times a week. Always call when I am at work. My husband just happened to be home to answer one day wanted to speak directly to me. I was asked to call Benard between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00. They won't leave a message or tell what their business is.
M. A.
 Dec 20th, 2007
I have been getting these calls from 213-533-8042 for the last 4 days. They call at least 5-6 times per day. Before 7 am in the morning and after 9 pm at night. I've answered and they hang up. I reported the number to my phone carrier and requested a block.
 Dec 19th, 2007
This number called me twice 10 minutes apart. The first time i answered no one said anything but it sounded like a party in the back ground. The second time i let it ring for the answeringachine but they left no message. Then i looked up the area code in the phone book and it said that it was from down town LA/ Hollywood. who is this and I'm thinking its some identy theft person or a damn tella marketer.
 Dec 19th, 2007
They will not stop calling me! They call on my cell and my land line. When I answer nothing. They are leaving me voice mail say, hello, hello, heelloo. I do not know who this is but when I try to call them back it is always busy.
 Dec 19th, 2007
They call 6-10 times a day, at all hours. I do not answer calls from unknown #s. I am on do not call list and I am going to report them, if this continues
S. Redding
 Dec 19th, 2007
Received a call from someone claiming to be from the government grant office
Larry Burke
 Dec 18th, 2007
I'm a stay-at-home mom and a housewife of a marine. Saying that we have financial problems out the @$$ because he's a lower rank and we live in california. I first received this call somewhere between 12/13-12/15 2007. The lady told me I was eligible for a government grant of a minimum amount of $10,000. I told her I did not sign up for a grant of any kind. She told me it was a great way to go back to school on. I said, "Yeah, like I have the fucking time. What am I supposed to do? Pull it out of my ass?" I don't think so. Saturday or Sunday I got a call from this number again and this time I spoke to some guy. I never regretted turning down the grant when he told me I sounded like the girl from some porn site with the same name as me. Now a few people might have the same first and last name as me, but I didn't think it was that common in the porn industry (or maybe I'm mistaken). Anyway, I told him no and that the thing I might be known for would not be in the acting field at all. My husband tried to look up the number on his recall roster for his shop before I told him all this (because he got some calls from this number but they hung up). He was thinking it was his 1st Sgt.'s number. We're trying to get to the bottom of this, and believe me, I'm not the ordinary woman to piss off. I actually go after people. Ask the drunk driver what happened to him after he hit my son and I earlier this year and tried to run. I don't f-ing think so.
 Dec 18th, 2007
This is the 3rd call from this number. There is no identifying caller ID. The person calling has an Asian accent (maybe Filipino or Chinese) and asks to speak to my husband about government grants. The voice sounds the same as the last calls. This is the third time she called my cell phone -- this time today at 9:39 am EST. After the 2nd call last week, I googled the number and found that the company is owned by a Las Vegas scammer called Sherbody.

I just told her to stop calling; that I know she is affiliated with Sherbody in Las Vegas; that my phone is on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST; and I hung up. Hopefully, this will stop the calls.
Annoyed Mamma
 Dec 18th, 2007
I got a call from this number but it was for something that I signed up for online. It is dollar store .com
 Dec 18th, 2007
who are you? and what can I help you with
norma duckworth
 Dec 17th, 2007
Called 3 times today. I didn't answer any of the calls.
 Dec 17th, 2007