Cell phone massage stating credit card debt.
 Jul 05th, 2010
Same as all the other comments. Quite the scripted voicemail left. Made me smile considering all my credit cards have no balance!
 May 18th, 2010
Same modus operandi as the others.
 May 14th, 2010
They left the same info! I'm glad I googled the #!!!
thanks guys for ur posts!!!!
 May 13th, 2010
she stated that we spoke last week about reducing our interest rates on credit cards---which i didnt--and that this was her last call.
 May 12th, 2010
This guy called me and said the same thing. However I just got my cell phone and have not even given the number out to anyone but my workplace, family and close friends. Since I have had it for only a few short days how could I have talked to them over the phone last week seeing my home phone is hooked up to the computer.
 May 10th, 2010
5/10/10 I received the same voicemail, caller id showed 213-504-7000. They said I had only been making min payments. (not true I never do that) and that this was the last call, it left a call back number of 1-800-310-9982, when I returned the call I inquired where are you getting this information from I never make a min payment and she proceeded to tell me that "he" must have been trying to reach one of his clients and dialed incorrectly because they don't have access to that info. She then tried to ask me questions about if I had credit card balances and what my rates were. I gave her no info and ended the call. This is sooo frustrating they are calling my office line!!
 May 10th, 2010
The caller identified himself as "Mitch Edwards" and gave a callback number of 1-800-310-9982. He said we spoke last week about reducing interest rates on credit cards, this was the last courtesy call, and we should call 1-800-310-9982.

I think it's meant to sound like a wrong number, but with information someone might want to follow up on anyway.
 May 10th, 2010
Credit card scamer called me. from this number 1-213-504-7000.
Called police department they said they don't have anytime to deal with it.
 May 10th, 2010
Thanks for the postings. I have substantial credit card balance and I was very interested on this vm. I was about to call them but I am glad I Googled the telephone #
 May 07th, 2010
voice mail he left on my cell phone said we had spoken last week about my credit card debt and he had found a program to lower my interest rate and cut my payment in half. Did not speak to anyone last week about credit card debt. I don't even have any credit cards. Did not and will not return phone call.

Caller ID: (213)504-7000
Caller Company: Said his name was "Mitch Edwards"
Caller Type: Telemarketer
 May 07th, 2010
Left a message on my name(Probably got confused by the fact that it was a voice mail), just that it was a curtesy call and the last one. and that I could reach him at 800-310-9982. The guy said "This would be a great opportunity for ya."
 May 07th, 2010
Automated dialer. At the end of the message press one. Speak to a live person. Complain, get hung up on.
 May 06th, 2010
I heard an automated service call suggesting I could refinance debt, including lowering credit card interests. My number is a cell phone on the DNCL.
 May 05th, 2010
"rick" the automatic telemark. message ... selling CC services. called my unpublished cell. assholes.
 May 03rd, 2010
same as the messages below....hey guys my name is angela brown called about reducing rates blah blah blah...scam scam scam.
 Apr 29th, 2010
same as above
 Apr 28th, 2010
thanks for info... this showed up as missed call on my cell..have no voice mail just for this reason... I don't want to pay for messages from sales people... I also have no credit cards... hmmmm... this angela is not to bright
 Apr 28th, 2010
Just got a message saying the same thing, from an "Angela" that says we spoke last week. We didn't. Wants to reduce interest rates on credit cards.
 Apr 28th, 2010
I got this call and the girl said that this is her last call before the program ends. Also she said that she sees that I've only been making minimum payments on a credit card. Funny, I don't own any cards!
 Apr 28th, 2010
She just called me too, dirty hooker! with all the same info!

Lewiston, Idaho
 Apr 28th, 2010
Angela Brown left a VM saying we talked last week (did not!) and she says they have a program for me to lower my credit card interest rates since I am only making minimum payments. Ha! I don't have any credit cards
 Apr 28th, 2010
Said she was Angela Brown & that we'd talked last week about lowering my credit card interest rates...ya da yada yada. (Yeah, right...I don't HAVE any credit cards.)

The icon on my answering machine shows this number is a cell phone.

"Angela" left a call back number of 1-888-442-0788

Seems like the identical message trout refers to. What a scam.

I see "Angela" calls from MANY different numbers.
 Apr 27th, 2010
There was a message left from an 'Angela' who said we spoke last week about reducing interest rates on some credit cards (which we did not) and this was her last courtesy call (thank god) and to call 888-442-0788 (like hell). These devils prey upon the unsuspecting. I hope somebody takes advantage of her someday.
 Apr 26th, 2010