Same call here. Woman with thick Indian accent left message. See that this same number has called many people. Government agencies will not all- they send letters- even then- look up the phone number on any letters to get a real official number. That number listed on any letter could also be part of a scam.
 Jan 06th, 2015
Scam reported on another site multiple times. I got a call too.

Dec 23rd 2014, I received the following suspicious phone message from "Mark Johnson" (India Accent)

"This message is intended for (full name).
Hi (first name). This is Mark Johnson, with the dept of legal affairs of the US Treasury, and I was trying to reach you in regards to a very important issue. This is a verbal notification to you in regards to a law enforcement action, that has been started under your name.... and my number is 213-437-6046.
Again the number is 213-437-6046.
If for any reason you are busy do call back. I would suggest you to have your ... retain attorney to you
...(garbled)... as calling us ... might end up into a legal mess for you.
I hope you take this right, and call me right back.
Again, it's Mark with the dept of legal affairs of the US Treasury.
Looking forward to speak with you.
Until then have blessing & god bless."
 Dec 24th, 2014