I have been getting calls from this number for three weeks. They are trying to sell me a better interest rate from my bank. First they are not from my bank. Second if you push number two they say they will take you off they list in 72 hours. Well they donot take you off your list. If you hit number 1 a sales rep comes on and no matter how nice you talk to them about getting removed for there call list they hang up on you. So I called back and get a recording it says hit number two and you will be removed from there list in 72 hours. Again it does not happen. So I thought I would try the internet and see what I can do to get removed from there list.
MU Chicago
 Oct 14th, 2009
I'm going to download the free shareware autodialer from and set it up to call these guys back many, many times. Even if they never answer, it will help to tie up their phone lines.
 Oct 13th, 2009
Called and wouldn't leave message on voice mail.
 Oct 07th, 2009
on caller id while i was gone. tried to cross ref phone number because I didn't recognize name or phone number/area code.
 Sep 23rd, 2009
Will you call me back!!
Connie Harvey
 Sep 21st, 2009
Credit card scam
 Sep 17th, 2009
Credit card rate reduction offer.
 Sep 10th, 2009
Name on Caller ID was Robert Johnson but recording said the company was "Client Services" wanting to lower my CC interest rate. Press 1 for agent, 3 to be removed. I pressed 3, got repeat of 1st message. Determined to find out more about company, I pressed 1 and asked for the company name again, only got same name. Asked for a # to call them back, stated I had to become a 'member' to get another number. Asked to be removed from call list & was told she could not help with that and hung up.
 Sep 09th, 2009
I just got the same call from Robert Johnson 213-363-5107. The man said that they could lower my interest rate on my Visa/ Master card. He said that my card Number started with 5, As far as I know all Master Cards have numbers beginning with the number 5.

When I asked him where he was calling from, he stated that he was calling from Florida. but national caller ID says the number is call from L.A. California.

Beware! do not give these people your card Number.

If it sounds to good to be real it probably is.
B ham
 Sep 08th, 2009
caller didn't answer. wanted to reduce my credit card interest rate on my balance. I don't have any balances.
 Sep 06th, 2009
offered to reduce my credit card rate - pressing "3" for removal from call list only returned to main reoording
 Sep 05th, 2009
Automated call offering to "lower my credit card rate". Did not identify any company name. Said to stay on the line for an live operator.
 Sep 04th, 2009
violates the do not call list. reported them to the FTC.
 Sep 03rd, 2009
this is a scam call to get you to get a gold credit card don't do it
 Dec 22nd, 2007