when you have to keep changing your callerID, you're a scammer.
New Jersey
 Mar 01st, 2016
Didn't recognize, so I didn't answer.
West Virginia
 Jan 22nd, 2016
Several places on the web say it is a vacation scam.
West Virginia
 Nov 24th, 2015
TRAGIC:_NOT_ the first/last/one millionth time that scammers-non-scammers _INSIST_ that "someone here" is a resident of THE USA STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Rest ASSURED: "Authorities who COUNT" have traveled back in time-DELVED INTO BUILDING RECORDS-to _BEFORE_ THE DATE-CALENDAR YEAR IN WHICH our building was _BUILT_. Guess what????????????????????????????????????????????????? NO RESIDENT OF OUR STRUCTURE HAS _EVER_ ONCE BEEN A RESIDENT OF CALIFORNIA and/or EVER PLANS IN THE _FUTURE_ to _BE_ "a resident of The USA State of California." _PLEASE_ do _EVERYONE "a HUG FAVOR!" STOP! calling _OUR_TELEPHONE NUMBERS-for-get this!MORE THAN A FULL DECADE [!] PRETENDING you are in search of "a resident of California, USA."
West Virginia
 Nov 17th, 2015
TRAGIC: NOT the first/last/one millionth time that our telephone rings-we've had the identical telephone number-assigned by the _PROPER_ authorities-since get this! calendar year 2002-and ou caller ID displays-ORGANIZED CRIME RING CALLER-Irvine-CA. IMAGINE!
 Oct 23rd, 2015