PS: When I told the person that it was a bad connection and I could not hear him well; he hung up and called me from his cell phone...........?
 Mar 24th, 2009
Someone I had not heard from in almost two years called me from this number. He told me he need help and that he was in a place called Viahermosa, Tabasco Mexico and that I should wire money via western union there. The number that came up on my caller ID was 213.291.1900. I first looked up the area code and saw it was from Los Angeles, CA. I googled the number and found this website. this is odd.
 Mar 24th, 2009
I received multiple calls from this number. I've unfortuneatly I have always missed the call but they never leave a message. When I try to call the number back it will not go through.
 Feb 16th, 2009
call me back so i can get more information about this 400.00 advance loan and please send it through the mail 1641 hodgse st montrose ga 31065 thank you
lucile leeks
 Dec 29th, 2008
Just got this call and he said he was from a radio station 96.1 and that I won big it was truth or dare questions...Said I won 4500.00 dollars..Next thing I know he is calling tow companys haven them come tow my truck and odering Pizza to my house...They had all my info and asked for more numbers...When I said I was calling the police they hung up and there is no way of calling this number back...
 Nov 17th, 2008
If you call phones in California from the Skype application and have no phone number on Skype, this is the number that turns up on caller ID.
 Nov 17th, 2008
They call themselves Direct Credit Control 269 s beverly dr #439 Beverly Hills, CA.
They are a collection agency, threatned to take me to small claims.
 Oct 14th, 2008
it is eBay.
 Oct 05th, 2008
this person called me 3 times in the evening and once at 130 am.
 Sep 29th, 2008
They called me playing a porno. all i heard was a girl moaning saying i want to suck that dick and nut on my face and in my mouth. then put it in my ass. did anyone ever find out who it is. because the next call i get i'm calling the cops.
 Sep 11th, 2008
Called twice, can't return
 Aug 02nd, 2008
5:02p CDT - Caller ID showed "Out of area." The caller stayed connected through the answering machine greeting and there was a noisy background (indicative of a call center), but no message left. I LOVE caller ID!!
 Jul 16th, 2008
Just received a call from this number saying that this was my last chance to lower the interest on my account or some BS. I am actually on the Do Not Call Registry, which works fairly well when you don't call the number back.
 Jul 11th, 2008
this is so annoying, I had to get up early for work, just like every other day and the past week these people have been calling me at around 2 in the morning, I can't stand it, if I unplug my phone I could miss a buisness call.....
 Jul 01st, 2008
This number calls a lot. Either just hangs up or asks me if I speak Spanish and when I say no they hang up.
 May 21st, 2008
no message called on a Sunday morning to my cell
 May 18th, 2008
No message
 May 01st, 2008
this guy called me saying he was trying to deliver me a package from readers digest, that I was the winner of $800,000 sweepstakes and he is a manager with UPS. I told him to quit calling and bothering me that I was busy. He then told me he was going to find me and blow me up. His accent was very towel head sounding.
 Apr 23rd, 2008
I've received calls like this before. Basically, some company out in California redirects phone calls from out of country call centers through this number, which is why the information is never the same. And that is why you can't call it back. They ignore do-not-call lists because they can't be hurt by it, since they aren't American companies.
 Apr 04th, 2008
This number has been calling us and not leaving messages. Today we got a call at 4am and we jumped out of bed thinking it must be some emergency, no it was just this number with fax beep tones. I reported them to the FTC, if they're harassing you then please do the same. You can fill out a form online at http://www.ftc.gov/.
 Apr 03rd, 2008
when answer, they ask if I speak Spanish, I say No., and they say okay, sorry.. the next night, they call again, .. same question... ????
 Mar 25th, 2008
 Mar 18th, 2008
caller called house phone and hung up on answering machine. Then I received same call on my cell phone. The left no message, just hung up.
 Mar 06th, 2008
Received two calls today. Last call ( so far) was at 5:36 PM CST.
No one answers..dead silence...when I call back I get a recording that
states " call cannot go thru".

Someone (??) needs to stop the calls from this phone number.
 Mar 01st, 2008
Missed call on my cell. When I returned the call it simply says "The number has changed" only 40 minutes after they called me.
 Feb 27th, 2008
no message left
 Feb 24th, 2008
The number keeps calling my cell phone and it beeps like a fax machine.
 Feb 07th, 2008
Called said taking a survey. It is Christmas Eve!
 Dec 24th, 2007
A non-native English speaker called twice (a few minutes apart) and said that they were from {mumble-mumble} in California and were conducting some survey about movies. He took the second "no, thanks, I don't do phone surveys" and politely hung up.
 Dec 23rd, 2007
Very annoying calls, once at 8am the other at 9pm. They call and do not leave messages. When I try to call back it says "my call will not go through" After reading the below horror stories of calling in the middle of the night I hope that doesn't happen to me!!! Isn't it illegal to call cell phones for soliciting purposes?
 Dec 11th, 2007
his real last name is chen. goes by jerry. he is a seller on ebay company name urcarparts. never sends merchendise even if it is paid for. he is a thief dont buy anything from his ebay business. you can also locate his email address on ebay.
 Dec 08th, 2007
Please if you receive calls like this file a complaint with the Federal Trade Comission (FTC)!!!!!!!!!
 Dec 04th, 2007
Not until now, I always thought I was the only one affected by this early morning calls. I have received more than 15 of them in the last 2 months. Very recently, my cell phone and landline ring simultaneously and my sleep gets cut short. I have never succeeded in speaking with the person calling because I always hear a beeping sound. Even when i try to call, the call never goes through. I hope someone will come up with suggestions on how to stop this menace soonest
 Dec 04th, 2007
I have been receiving calls from this # for a few months. Sometime the # shows, sometime it's unknown. I get a ringing sometimes, other times there is no answer. I get calls late at night and in the early mornings. It is really annoying, I thought It was someone playing games, I see it's a bother to a lot of people. What can be done?
 Nov 29th, 2007
I missed this call (it came across with the number and "unkown"). I was coming in the door and didn't get to the phone in time. The caller did not leave a message. We have no outstanding debt, so I can't imagine what in the world this person wants from us. I've gotten to the point that I don't answer the phone unless it's someone I know. These phone solicitors (or whatever they are) are so annoying. I'd like to be a camel and drop a load of crap on their lives. They deserve it for being a total nuisance.
 Nov 25th, 2007
I just got a call from this 213-291-1900 number on my cell. I did not answer since I'm at work and didn't not recognize the number. Instead I did a search for the number and I found this forum. Interesting. Well, guess what? They left a message. The guy's name is Wellington Junior calling from San José, Costa Rica (Central America) to confirm my request for some brochures about real estate properties in Costa Rica. He also left his toll free number: 1-800-531-3798 ext.115; the weird thing is that the 213 number is supossed to be from California not from any place out of the U.S.A.

Any inputs?
 Nov 21st, 2007
This call was from a foreign voice, not easy to understand. Called saying it was a survey. Something about looking for people to help support the hispanic. Very difficult to understand. I told him that he should not be calling @ 9:00 at night. He told me to chill!!! I told him that I was on the National Do Not Call list and that he should not be calling this #. He said it was just a survey. I told him that I did not care and that I was going to report him. He told me to chill again and said he didn't care what I did. I hung up!!!
 Nov 21st, 2007
Calls received once every other day for past three weeks. No message or hang up when receiver is lifted. I want to talk to this caller so that I can request him not to call again. If s/he calls again after my request, I will consider suing the caller in small claims court.
 Nov 15th, 2007
I refused to talk to a man (with an accent) about a week and a half ago, he keep talking on some sales pitch..I said I was going to hang up, he said "why"? I replied that I didnt want to hear his sales pitch! He was calling me at my office during a busy day. Finally, I hung up on him. He cd right back about 15 times, recognizing his number I just kept picking the phone up and hanging up without answering. He has called several times since and each time I just hang up. Today I got a message on my vm at work "Hi Bitch, its your nightmare", "I have your complete name, address and home number, so I can give you a call at home!" I dont know how I can get rid of this guy..or find him, any suggestions? This was NOT a debt collection call, it was a sales solicitation and I am on the do not call list.
 Nov 15th, 2007
Evil people whomever they are. Made rude comments about my accent and has repeatedly harrassed my wife number as well. I do not care if they are a debt collection agency thier behavior is deplorable. I would not pay them now even if I was aware of any debt.
Clark Parklane
 Nov 07th, 2007
Several calls in the middle of the night like 3AM. Each time there is a fax tone on the other end and I can't call back because a recording says call did not go through
 Nov 07th, 2007
5:28 pm 11/03/07 Saturday hang up call.
 Nov 05th, 2007
Ok they called at friggin 6 A.M!!! Im friggin getting ready for work and im like whoa!,wtf lol
 Nov 05th, 2007
every day between midnight and 8 a.m. and again during the day. sometimes the number shows up, sometimes it's "unavailable." Number has been set to "no ring." very annoying.
 Oct 26th, 2007
I had a call from this number at 3am but it was just static on the line
 Oct 25th, 2007
called 4 times in a row...what is this #
 Oct 17th, 2007
13 calls in 2 hours. They are ridiculous! Someone needs to shut them down.
 Oct 16th, 2007
Called at 8:43 PM Et. Did not leave message (probably automated system).
 Sep 22nd, 2007
Called on Sunday afternoon 6:00pm. Heard many voices in the background but no one on the other end said anything.
 Sep 16th, 2007
3 o"clock Sunday afternoon!!!
 Sep 16th, 2007
I have no idea wh this is but calling very late.
 Sep 11th, 2007
Caller ID showed "NETWORK OPS". It was a debt collection agency looking for my brother.
 Sep 01st, 2007
2 calls, 8-28 and 8-30
7am NY time.tried to call back, recording states "call did not go thru".
 Aug 30th, 2007
caller called and hungup
 Aug 29th, 2007
This person called again at 1 in the morning, twice!
 Jun 28th, 2007