I'd say you already have harassment, Jennifer, not to mention illegal threats. This may be the usual dirty debt collector within the U.S., such as from the 'Corona Cabal' of fraudulent agencies, or a fake collector from South Asia. Either way their empty threats of arrest, imprisonment, lawsuit filing, and/or asset seizure violate federal and state laws. Try to get a business name and share it with the readers. By federal law this name cannot be withheld.

Learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot-gov. See also if your state laws are stronger.
 Mar 21st, 2012
Keep calling every hour. Tried to answer but no one there. Then always the same VM. Four in the past three hours. Called the number back and they said I was being sued for non payment of a cash advance which I have never done. When I argued with them, they hung up on me but continue to call. This is bordering on harassment.
 Mar 21st, 2012
another scam artist at it again. ignore their threats; it's all lies
 Feb 24th, 2012