Did not vote democrat, will not vote democrat. Please stop calling people who do not opt in to being called. This is a day and age of opt in marketing, you need to respect this. You don't like spam with email right? Hate junk mail in your post box, right? Well what about those interrupting phone calls? Yep, us too. So don't make them unless we opt in for them. Ask. It's polite, and it's the smart marketing thing to do. Oh... and no one is opting in? Really? Wonder why? Perhaps they will online, passively. Perhaps they will when they register to vote. But it's a choice, let them opt in. Remember, freedom of choice is what we want. Respect it.
 Jan 21st, 2009
The caller asked if I had voted and I said yes.
He asked if I had any problems at the polls
and I said no. He thanked me and told me to have
a good day.
 Nov 07th, 2008
They've called my house several times
 Nov 05th, 2008
Just called to ask if I voted. I said yes so they hung up.
 Nov 04th, 2008
stallion, dont punish all of us because you're not familiar with the federal do not call policies. it doesn't apply to certain business types. also it doesnt apply to people who have done business with their organizations in the past, this could possibly mean that you have registered and voted democrat before. i am also getting calls from this number, they will stop tomorrow, but john mccain wont for 4 years! please make the right choice, and dont let others make the choice for you!
 Nov 04th, 2008
If this is a call from the Democratic party, I will change my vote to Mccain. These jerks need to leave us alone; I am on the national do not call list, and they still call my cell-phone.
 Nov 04th, 2008
The caller was very rude and hung up on me when I told her I was voting for John McCain
 Nov 04th, 2008
Not a clue who this is or was. I answered but there was just an open line.
 Nov 02nd, 2008