Don't call my phone number again. I have no idea what your "supposed" company does, but I see all complaints on the internet-nothing positive. I am also notifying the BBB as to what an outrage this is when I have on at least 3 separate occasions asked & requested not to be called again. I have on numerous other times hung up, screamed, pressed just one button. Half the time no one answers and the other half only answer I have made a ruckus on my end. Knock it off. If it were important someone certainly would have answered me the first several times after a simple "hello", but I got no response. NOthing ticks a person off more than no one on the other end answering. What is it you don't understand about DO NOT FUCKING CALL ME EVER AGAIN.....
Julie Belstene
 Jan 12th, 2010
DONT CALL ME NO MORE...you guys call late at night...im out drinkin and you keep runing my buzz. i call back and you busy every time. you will here from my lawyer next time you call me and haras me.
nate k
 Dec 11th, 2009
this is a company that will never take you off their call list no matter how many times you ask that they put you on their do not call list.
 Dec 09th, 2009
They keep calling every day on our cell phones and hang up when we answer.
 Nov 21st, 2009
These idiots called me 20 times a day. They disturb me.
Please tell them to stop calling me.

Je ne traite pas avec des escrocs ou arnarqueurs.
Voici leur phone number : 213-239-2891
 Nov 18th, 2009
Called, no message. Busy signal when we called back.
V. T.
 Nov 18th, 2009
they keep calling late at night and after i asked them not to call they stil do and deliberately hang up
 Nov 17th, 2009
they call my cell phone like two to three times a day.... I dont apprianted it.. if i just knew who this company was then i would sue them to the fullest extend i can by the order of the law..
 Nov 13th, 2009
Globalreachinternational has called 2 times today. They got my name on line almost a year ago. This is in regards to US grants.
The woman said if I give her a credit card or debit card for the $1.99 postage, they would send the paperwork for the grant money. I told her no way
would I give her that info. They are for profit and a scram. They are using the PH.# 213-239-2891. Be alert.
 Nov 11th, 2009
As far as I can tell you are violating federal and Indiana state laws because I have you on my no-calls list. Further attempt to rech me at this number will mean contacting the proper authorized offices..
Kitt T Katt
 Nov 10th, 2009
Don't call here one more time or I will contact any law enforement agency it takes to cite you for harrassment.
 Nov 10th, 2009
STOP all the calling you people are jackasses you will not leave a message and hang up when I pick up the phone STOP
 Nov 07th, 2009
 Oct 29th, 2009
please stop calling my house several times a day a leaving not message or when i pick up the line no one is there
 Oct 21st, 2009
Line Type: Landline
Phone Carrier: Pacific Bell - Ca
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Caller ID: 2132392891

Gov Grants
 Oct 17th, 2009