What don't these imbeciles get about the call being blocked? I mean, if a number is blocked it means that the caller is on to your scam (i.e. 212-773-1546 and many other spoofed numbers running this). Switching to another 'number', trying to appear to be from a different US state (but in fact from India) just isn't going to work. Please do something constructive with your lives besides stealing. Go back to school. Get an honest life! Stop giving your countrymen a bad name.

This is just so tiresome. BESIDES...I AM NOT A BUSINESS. This is a personal line and I don't really care to come up on anyone's google search!!!!!!!
 May 23rd, 2014
don't presume the call is from n.y. as telemarketers are likely spoofing the phone numbers that appear on our call displays. they can make anything they want to appear there using the software programs that they use to generate their phone calls to us. we just get selected by whatever lists they are using to make their calls. if you answer and there is no one there it's only because you didn't answer quickly enough the software has already hung up on you because it doesn't want to waste the telemarketers time. it generates several calls at once and whoever answers first wins the prize of the telemarketers call. please consider who you give your information to. like simply giving it to the cashier at Walmart or wherever. it just helps them complete the info generated from your credit card. then who kows what they do with it, sell it to telemarketers for a profit. and it's all your fault for trusting them. just give them 555-5555 if they insist on one. just use common sense to protect yourself.
 Dec 04th, 2013
I have been receiving calls from all over the States from a company called Spokeo. These people are telemarketers and the calls to this number are unwelcome, especially at 3:00 A.M. Please stop calling to waste time and money or further action will be taken.
 Dec 02nd, 2013