My caller ID said "Unknown Name". A recorded message about the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association trying to sell some sort of insurance was left on my voicemail. When I called the number back, a very rude woman answered the phone claiming that telemarketers stole the number of their alleged hotel. After the two of us exchanged expletives and I accused her of being a f*cking liar and scammer, the woman transferred me to her manager. Same type of conversation as she claimed they were this alleged hotel, I called her the same thing and she said expletives were not necessary. I told her since she was running some sort of scam, they were, used the "f" word again and she hung up on me.
 Feb 26th, 2013
telemarketer again
 Feb 26th, 2013
My phone rang.the machine turned on .They hung on for A while And Didn't speak This was 2/17/2013. I am on the do not call list
 Feb 17th, 2013