Started by saying my medical supplies were ready to ship. I stayed on the line because i am expecting some meds. Then the recording started about the Medical Alert.
 Aug 14th, 2015
Hang-up on ans. mach
 Aug 05th, 2015
TRAGIC: _NOT_ the first/last/one millionth time that our telephone has rung - since get this! - calendar year 2002 [two thousand and two] LONGER THAN A FULL DECADE and our caller ID displays:ORGANIZED CRIME RING CALLER 2126621932 _LITERALLY_ a few minutes later the first scammer's call was "followed up" by BUFFALO, NY 716-642-4705
West Virginia
 Aug 04th, 2015
TRAGIC:_NOT_ the first/last/o0ne millionth time - since - get this! - calendar year 2002 [two thousand and two] - that our telephone rings - and caller ID displays 2126621932-organized crime ring caller...Innumerable others have posted complaints online from this caller - this numbers - as well....
West Virginia
 Jul 23rd, 2015
These SCUM used to call from 212-662-8642. We blocked it so now they call from a new number. Our call blocker can block more than a thousand numbers so keep 'em coming Douchebags! This time they didn't let it ring long enough to let the machine pick up.
 Nov 11th, 2014
Not sure who they are. Have called before but we missed the call. I did do global search on phone number, but not much found. Company is supposedly B Munlin Consulting Svc 5 W 91st St New York, NY 10024-1432 Local: 212-496-0914.
Sue S.
 Nov 03rd, 2014
"Mr. Robo-Call Medic-alert + $1,000 free groceries"

left on my Voice mail while phone busy

I'm in CO, PA is where my ISP acceleration proxy's located area code 303/720 calling area
 Oct 29th, 2014