The phone only rang twice before they hung up. Another site reports that it's a medical alert scam. Other numbers the same call comes from are: 212-539-4372 212-660-5351 212-660-9874 212-660-7138 212-662-1393 212-662-1295
212-662-5375 212-662-4579 212-662-5932 212-662-1326
 Sep 02nd, 2014
Yawn... same robo-calling organized crime scammers calling about medic alert crap. They called earlier today from 212-662-1393 and yesterday from 253-236-2391. Added to the Call Block on the phone. These wankers need to get a real job!
 Jun 27th, 2014
Yawn. Another robo-calling medic alert scammer. Added to the Call Block list. These wankers really need to get a real job!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jun 27th, 2014
Robo call leading to $3000.00 in grocery coupons if you buy a medical alert device and subscribe to the monthly support service. They lead off by claiming to save lives. I asked if the african-named female 'Lakiessha' would like to save a life, she said of course. I said she batter not call again.
Bro Bones
 May 12th, 2014
Just another Medical Alert ROBO sales call
At this time they have 38 different telephone numbers they
call from
Fed Up
 May 07th, 2014