Supposed to be the ASPCA but my caller ID didn't confirm this. They wanted me to mail to, or hand out, some information to my friends. I declined. They called me yesterday and did not leave a message.
 Oct 20th, 2010
This number calls several times a day. ID says New York. Very irritating,
 Sep 05th, 2010
To date, I have received 26 calls from this number, the latest being tonight, Sunday at 8:15PM.
I have tried no less then 10 times to have my number removed from their system. No avail. One person
told me they were a charitable organization and were exempt from DNC. Probably true the way our government works.
My next attempt will be with the Attorney General of NY. 26 call in less then a month? TOO MUCH. Can anyone out there help?
 Apr 12th, 2010
Called the number back and the message was from the ASPCA with "important information about changes".
 Mar 08th, 2010