I didn't answer. No message left.
 Mar 15th, 2015
My caller ID on the TV said it was a friend of mine and I answered, then I heard a dial, then a man answered and said This is about your Computer, I said is this (my friends name) and he hung up. Why did my caller ID on TV indicate my friends name and telephone said HUD?
 Mar 07th, 2015
CID said "Department of Housing", and a man with a very thick accent started talking about how my computer (would only specify the "Windows Computer", not which one) was downloading files that I might not want and he was going to teach me how to identify them. I then questioned him how he got my information, and he said it was from a questionnaire sent to people around the globe. Unsatisfied, I then asked him who gave him my contact information (already his story doesn't match up). His response was that it came from the company I purchased my computer from. I told him that the places I bought my computer from have not asked me nor stated that the purchase of a product allowed them to sell my information to the company he represents. He then said "It is perfectly okay because it is normal for these things to happen for your safety". Then I hung up.
 Mar 04th, 2015