Caller asked to speak to Jennifer, we so happen to have about 8 people name Jennifer working for the company. When I asked for the reason for her called she stated that she was calling to speak to Jennifer about renewing a subscription of free magazines. I told her that Jennifer was not available and asked if I could take a message. She tried to bully me into transferring her over. When I refused, she tried to get me to "renew the free subscription" on Jennifer's behalf. She also mentioned that this call is being recorded. I told her that the only thing I can do for her is to take a message. She then demanded she be transferred to the HR director. Once again, I refused, so she demanded to speak to my supervisor. I just laughed and told her "sure please hold" then released the call. I am so over the daily harassment from these telemarketers.
New York
 May 26th, 2015
Repeated hang-ups, never leaving a message. The worst thing a cold-caller can do when soliciting for business is to berate and abuse their prospect. We simply keep data on such callers and can even direct them to voice mail, automatically.

When I solicit potential new clients, I am VERY respectful of how often I call, and short messages are left. My results are it has been successful, and some have said the non-abusive option is nice.

Clearly, Insurance Networking, like many others, thinks that abuse will work, like the person at the elevator, pounding the button non-stop, as though they'll "will" the elevator door to open.
New York
 Aug 13th, 2014
This is Insurance Networking News. I work for an insurance company. These guys have my contact info and they repeatedly call me so that they can solicit our CFO. They won't stop.
 Aug 13th, 2014