called a few times before. operator asked me if i was a "John Smith" I Said No. The Operator Gave Me Sombody Elses SSN And DOB AND Address And Again Asked If It Was Not Myself. I Said No And Hung Up. They Called Again Same Time Next Nite Asking For John Smith. I Said Nobody Lives Here By That Name. Operator Started To Spout The Same Personal Info I Interrupted Telling Her I Dont Live At Such Address Not My DOB They Had The Wrong Number And Hung Up! About A Week Later A Man Called Asking For "Jane Smith". By This Time I Was Frustrated (And Cooking)So I Told Him To Hold On A Sec. I Began To Tell Him His Company Had The Wrong Person Number. He Interrupted Me Asking Why I Had Him Hold On A Sec. I Said Excuse Me? He Said Dont You Know who Lives In Your House? I Said What! Total Shock! He Replied If "Jane Smith" Doesnt Live There Then Why Did You Ask Me To Hold On A Sec. If Nobody Lives There By That Name You Should Know You Live There Right?I Would. I Said I Would Like To Speak To A Supervisor Please. Why? he Asked Because You Are All But Calling Me A Liar. He Repeated About Me Knowing Who Lives In My Own House. I Said Excuse Me? MF How Dare You Call Me At My Home And Call Me A Liar? You Dont Know what I Am Doing? You Sure As Hell Dont Know Me And Shove That Phone Up Yours! He Was Screaming At Me (Not Sure What As By This Time I Have The earpiece Away From My Ear Screaming Into The Mic.) I Screamed Dont call Here Again And Hung Up.Guess Who Called A Few Minutes Ago.Same Guy. I Told Him He Had The Wrong Number. He Said "Jane Doe" Owes A Debt And Gave Me A Local Business Name. Be Told Me To Give Him Jane "Smiths" Number. I Told Him Again He Had The Wrong Number. Even So I Am Not Giving Peoples Info Out Over The Phone!He Said Give Them A Message. No That Is Not My Job. He Said Tell Jane/John Smith To Call Him Or He Was Going To Involve His Lawyers! I Said You Have No Right To Ask Me To Do That Or Tell Me Of Anybodys Debt It Is Against The Law!If He Or Anybody From His Firm Called Me Again I Would Report Him And His Company! He Asked If I Am A Lawyer Now. I Said Im Reporting You. And Hung Up. His Name Is Winston Gallagher I called back hoping He Would Answer Giving Name.First I got a phone was dis-connected but the recording sounded strange. I Called Again Phone # did not exist. I Called And Mr. Gallagher Answered. I Am Being Herassed For Sombody Elses Debt DD merchant That Is All Ive Found So far. If You Are Reading This No Doubt You Delt With This Jerk I Am Sorry too.
John Doe
 Mar 12th, 2009