Got a call from thie number stating that they received notification that my computer had some errors. First of all, I have virus protection and if my computer has some errors I will take it in to get fixed or call a reliable Microsoft number. Damn Scammers!!!
 Jun 23rd, 2014
Called my cell phone, number only on caller ID. Phone rang followed by several confused "hello"s. I was told that errors were being reported from my computer. huge scam!
 Apr 01st, 2014
When I answered the phone (caller id showing from NY, USA) my phone started to ring. Then another person said Hello and he told me that he was with Microsoft and was receiving error messages from my computer. I told him to remove me from his list and he hung up instantly.
 Mar 31st, 2014
I just received 2 calls where the phone disconnected before I could answer and then they called one more time and said something in an unfamiliar language. This all happened in about 4 minutes. Based on the comments below, if he calls back he's going to get an ear full!
 Mar 28th, 2014
I just received a call from this number from a similar Indian man who claimed to be from New York who was trying to tell me that he my windows computer was sending an error message.

Uh, I don't OWN a windows computer. I asked him what operating system he was seeing the errors were coming from (I was going to play with him a little) But then I decided I didn't care enough, and just let him know that I work IT. He said something (Accent was too thick) about how I needed to fix my computer, and then told me to have a good day.

Just tell them you work IT, they won't call back.
 Mar 24th, 2014
I got 5 calls from this number today. Was an Indian man claiming to be in NY and was getting error message from my windows computer and needed access...I of course told him to F!@# off over and over which seemed to amuse him because each time he called he was laughing at me so I just kept messing with the guy. Every time I hung up he would call back so I had to block his number. I hope people out there are really not that stupid to give people like that their info...What a joke!! I was able to use every swear work I could think of though and come to find out I have a very long list...LOL
FL..I'm not stupid!!
 Mar 20th, 2014
They called me twice and he asked for access to my computer and then for money. HANG UP IMMIDIATELY
 Mar 19th, 2014
Call on my Verizon cell phone saying that "windows was getting error report, OK?" - hung up before we got to the part about accessing my computer remotely.
 Mar 19th, 2014
this number called me and wanted access to my computer remotely saying windows was getting error report because all my computers are apple a bit hard to get errors on windows server. pretty clear it's some sort of scam indian lady once i questioned her a bit she hung up.
 Mar 18th, 2014
I receive 2 calls from this number. since i did not know the number I did not answer it.
 Mar 01st, 2014
Second Verizon Wireless promotion call received -- the other being from California. They must be losing ground to AT&T. I'm still sticking with MagicJack.
 Feb 21st, 2014