Phone calls were received from this, as well as a blocked number for several days while we were out of town. After returning home, I answered and was asked to place my spouse on the line. I explained that my spouse works irregular hours and I will not wake him unless I can tell him who is calling. The caller stated that he was calling from American Express and need to speak only my spouse. I stated that since either of us have an American Express Card, I would not wake him and not to call back. The next night, the same person called again, although, the caller denied that he had called the night before. We had the same conversation as the night before, and we hung up.

I then immediately called American Express customer service. The representative verified our personal information, said we were placed on the "do not call list," and apologized for the calls.

The next day American Express called again, but during day time hours. My spouse answered. To make a long story short, my spouse was told that our son who lives in another state owed money to American Express. Our son has not lived with us for over 20 years and in another state. Neither of us are signers on any accounts currently or in the past. As approximately 10 other persons with my husband's name live in our area, how many of them were told our son's business by AMEX? Federal law prohibits financial institutions from giving out account information to non-account holders. But Amex must feel that they are above the law.
 Sep 07th, 2013
American Express
 Feb 14th, 2011
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