Call from supposedly Aetna Member Services, but I'm not an Aetna customer. Sounded like it was a wrong number, mentioned someone else's name, but she was taking FOREVER between phrases, as if she was making something up or couldn't read. The whole thing was sketchy, she was claiming someone's physician claim couldn't be processed. Very odd. Highly doubtful if they're a legit business.
 Jan 08th, 2014
This caller called me and said I am sorry for the long wait earlier but my name is mark from member services and your account has been escalated and I was calling to let you know. First off member services with who? I called the number back and get a dial tone! Second, sorry for the long wait earlier? You called me! So, I don't know! I am so sick of bill collectors, telemarketers etc! I would love to just not have a phone! But then they spam your email! I mean! If you don't have the money you just don't , and the harassment in this country is way out if hand!
 Nov 01st, 2013