Caller said he was calling on behalf of CBS News / New York Times. I asked to speak with his manager, and he said that was not possible. I was very insistent on speaking to his manager, but he hung up on me so I did not get to ask to be removed from their list. (I am on the do not call registry but, of course, congress has exempted their good firends, the political pollsters and survey takers...)
R Van V.
 Mar 08th, 2011
Call came from New York to Kansas at 19:17 hours CST on 3-2-11. Call not answered and no message left. Caller ID said "New York NY" I have no other comment, but posters on this and other sites advise that this is CBS News taking political polls.

I don't know if there is a connection, but about 3 months ago CBS News called our house and talked to my Lovely and Gracious, and took a political poll. Actually, they were quite polite, even after they learned that the L&G is Right of Attila the Hun. They asked questions that weren't leading and seemed interested in the answers, but not confruntational. Near the end, they asked, in spite of L&G's answers, did she like President Obama personally. She answered "Not really." The interviewer thanked her for her comments and advised the station and time where the results would be covered. Overall not a bad experience. We tuned in (that station is never on in our household), and they covered the results, but VERY briefly (probably 5 seconds). It is the only time I ever knew anyone who had been polled.
 Mar 05th, 2011