Called on sunday afternoon at 4:00pm saying that they were American National Bank of Texas. Like the others they claim fraudulent activity on an account but we have never hear of this bank. This is our second call. The first was very late at night.
 Jun 23rd, 2008
The have called at least 6 time in the middle of the night. This time was 2:37am.
 Jun 23rd, 2008
Got a call from 212-233-4040 and female computerized voice stated my account w/ American National Bank of Texas has been suspended due to possible fraudulent activity and to call to resolve the matter. I don't have an account or credit card w/ this bank. Told to call back 815-410-4222. Called and got the same request to enter my debit card..uh no thanks!
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Called on SUNDAY with a recorded message that our bank account at American National Bank has been suspended due to unusual activity. ANY activity on "our" American National Bank account would be unusual, since we DON'T HAVE ONE. Left an 800 number to call back, which I didn't catch, fortunately. Probably some scam. Phone number lookup traces this to American Clerical in NYC.
Victim 512
 Jun 22nd, 2008
They called at 12:45 AM! A female computer message stated to call to resolve an account discrepancy. Sounds like trolls.
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Recorded message said that it was from American National Bank and that my account was being suspended.
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Called at 2:15AM, left message to call eight hundred fifteen, four hundred ten, four thousand two hundred twenty two. Lady said to report suspicious activity, Definitely some kind of scam to get information/money.
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Same here at 1:42 AM!
 Jun 22nd, 2008
These jokers at 212-233-4040 called me at 1:15 a.m. A recorded female voice said something about our account was suspended due to suspicious activity. Left a callback number of 815-410-4222. The crooks these days are brazen.
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Got a call two nights in a row 15 minutes to midnight. First time it was Citi bank saying my debit card had been suspended (don't have any) and tonight's call to tell me that my American Texas Bank account (don't have that one either) has been suspended. A weird call back number was provided which resembled an 800 number but didn't write it down.
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Number is reportedly with American National Bank. When I called the number I was given an option to activate my account (I don't have on) or ?? (garbled). I hung up and re-dialed. The number said the mailbox was full. Also given 815-400-4222. Caller ID shows 212-233-4040
Bob M
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Recorded message that said account was suspended due to suspicious activity. Recording said to call eight hundred fifteen, four hundred ten, four thousand two hundred twenty two then listed the number as 815-410-4222. Call call came in at 7:51 pm on Saturday.
 Jun 22nd, 2008
they have called my house 4 times in the last week, just last night they called at 2:10am! Said there was fradulent activity on my bank account (however, the bank they said they were from is not my bank nor have I ever had an account there). Gave a call back number of 815-410-4222
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Voice message began, "...suspended due to suspicious activity..." then left a call back number of 815-410-4222
 Jun 22nd, 2008
Recorded message stated account irregularity came from 212-233-4040 which was listed as American Clerical Service. Gave callback number of 815-410-4222. Recorded voice was female who gave callback number as 8 hundred 15, 4 hundred 10 4222.
Call came in at 3:15 on Saturday afternoon.
 Jun 21st, 2008
Left a callback number of 815-410-4222
Called at 1:15 in the morning!
 Jun 21st, 2008