Same description as Darrell. I mentioned I was on a state and federal no-call list and they became hostile. They did provide a "Corporate" phone number to allow me to be removed from list and provided 212-201-3515. This is a prank number, no real person or entity behind this. It's all a big phishing scheme. DO NOT provide them with any personal information!!!
 Aug 28th, 2008
Automated call, regarding lowering interest rates, etc. Spoke to telemarketer with "Client Services" in Tacoma, Wa. Told her I was on do not call list, said they were having problems with list. Spoke to supervisor, "Sara" who took my name/number and gave me the 212-201-3515 as a return number. All information is bogus. Caller Id just showed Unavailable/Unavailable" I googled all information and numerous complaints matching name/number. Probably scamming for credit card numbers.
Some guy
 Jul 23rd, 2008
Argh! I've been getting these calls about credit card reduction and car warranty coverage for weeks. I do not have caller id, but when I *69, I got 305-758-9297. Called it and got the not in service message. Anyway, today I selected the #1 option and spoke to a rep. When I demanded a phone number and address of her company she gave me, 212-201-3515. When you call the number, you get a rude and obscene message that goes on and on and then says your call is being routed to a foreign country and you'll be charged $19.99 per minute. I called my phone company to complain. They say they'll remove any charges but can't help otherwise. The address I was given ws 155 International in Marrietta Georgia. Probably fake, too. The phone company told me the 212 number is in NYC and the 305 is in Miami, but if they are able to generate fake caller ID's, I guess there is no hope. I guess I'll just give them fake info next time they call just to waste some of their time!
 Apr 02nd, 2008