He said die and hung up????
 Feb 25th, 2014
I got a call to some Indian man we couldn't even understand him ,Indian man stop scamming people go get a job in your country. Your a loser stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Oct 16th, 2013
they called and said the govt was giving me a $7000 grant - when they started asking for my bank info I hung up
 Aug 15th, 2013
I didn't answer it and they didn't leave a message.
A Person
 Apr 23rd, 2013
This is first call I've had but I don't answer unknown name callers. They didn't leave a message but if their no. is in New York I don't think Canada's do not call list works for out of country callers - anyone know for sure?
 Sep 17th, 2010
Call from this number..left no message.
 Apr 14th, 2010
A guy from India calling from this number says I've been selected for a government grant because I paid all my taxes on time--no specifics. "You paid all your taxes on time, right?" Sounds pretty fishy to me.
 Feb 16th, 2010
I just received a call from an Indian man saying he was calling from the US Government and that I was one of 1500 families that were chosen to receive a $7000 grant from the United States Government. I told him I didn't believe him and he just repeated himself. He did not ask for any personal information, nor did he advise that he had any of my info. He just said he would mail the check out to me today !!
Whew hew !! Finally old Gill gets a break !! Suckas !!
I think I'll go out and buy some swamp land with my money !!
 Feb 10th, 2010
This guy scammed my mom by saying he was the IRS.. then once she closed her bank account he called back and said he has money for her at a Western Union but needed her bank account.. Poor excuse for a human being
 Feb 04th, 2010
I got several calls from this number - it's really annoying. I just ignore
Manny Jessel
 Jan 30th, 2010
Said they were from some home security company
 Oct 07th, 2008
Credit Help using a new # to call , Press 1 to talk to a op or 3 to take off list .
Ontario Canada
 Sep 23rd, 2008
Left message - " 2 to access your account..."
 Sep 14th, 2008
Got a call before lunch time from this phone number 212-121-2121. A man with heavy indian accent. He said that I won a prize (plasma TV or $1000 in cash) & why I had not picked it up yet. He said I filled up a ballot on January 2007 & that my spouse's name had come up. Well, I don't fill out ballot neither does my spouse. He said I can go pick it up in woodbridge ON (216 Chrislea Rd Woodbridge L4L 8S5) or they can come over to our house. He had my addresss & my spouse's name. I asked him what he was selling, cus nothing is free. And winning prizes out of the blue like this is totally not true. He said they do have a promotional item that they are showing. So I asked him to never call my number again and to not come to my house cus I would call the cops & have him arrested for harrasment. He kept saying that I won a prize & would not get off the phone. I told him to Fxxx off many times & that if he would call back I would send the cops on him & put him in jail.
 Aug 07th, 2008
I believe the guy said it was a company called TBS, and they are a new travel agency in Canada. That my name had been chosen from an entry I had made at a local Ramada Hotel Dec/07. I did not attend any conference or such last December. They want me to go to an address they have provided to claim my prize. I wrote the address down, but will not be attending. I believed this to be bogus from the get go.
 Apr 30th, 2008
This phone number has called me close to 50 times in the past year. If I could grab hold of Mr. India I would choke him until he puked then go after his family. I've filed reports with the FCC & FTC over and over again and it does no damn good at all. The local phone company can't help because the number is fradulent and the police say they can't do anything either. First person who cracks this telemarketrs skull wins $50 from me.........
 Mar 18th, 2008
If you can't speak normal english get the hell out of our country!
 Feb 25th, 2008
I was prescribed a medication two days ago and someone from this number called me and knew my prescription and asked if I wanted a refill. This is so scary, and a violation of HIPPA privacy laws. I am trying to find out how they got this very sensitive information, and who they hell they are.
 Feb 01st, 2008
Caller sounded like he was from India, trying to get us to fill a prescription with him saying product would come from California. After saying "no thanks" and hanging up they called right back. We hung up again. Person has called several times in the last few days. Next time I will try to get a valid call back number. The displayed number is obviously a spoof.
 Jan 22nd, 2008
Called various times, right after I got home from work, then late at night (900) and right when I got up in am. Rang 3 times and hung up.
 Jan 20th, 2008
i dont get it, what the hecks goin on?
 Jan 18th, 2008
They called back numerous times - repeatedly for over an hour - I asked them not to call - I am not the "do not call list" - the calls continued
 Sep 05th, 2007
No message left, no caller ID other than phone #
 Jan 02nd, 2007
This number called me today after I received about 8 calls yesterday from strange toll free numbers that hung up on me when I answered. Not sure if it's related. If it's Dish Network doing this crap, I will quit my service with them.
 Jan 01st, 2007
Left no message
 Nov 29th, 2006
Phone number is fictitous, cannot call back, however answering the call the 6th time the call was from telemarketers wanting us to purchase DISH NETWORK. I now have his contact number of 1-877-679-7137 -EXT 219 from Michael Johnson WITH accent from India, reporting to IN. Attorney General's Office. Total call backs have been 11 "so far" from 11/06-11/15. Told Michael to NOT call back, on No Call List but it doesnt seem to matter. Reported to DISH NETWORK and they "claimed" they would contact the right department and have it stopped - WHEN ??
R. Hussey
 Nov 16th, 2006
when i called the # i got the ole " do do do..your call cannot be completed as dialed yada yada"
Willie Dikker
 Nov 14th, 2006
They called back numerous times.
 Nov 13th, 2006
Left no message
 Oct 09th, 2006
Left no Message
 Sep 21st, 2006