Noisy background, male with accent saying my computer was sending off error messages. He was going to tell me how to fix it. He said he was from Las Vegas. He wanted me to sit at my computer and open up a certain file on my Windows computer and he was going to show how I could fix it with his help. I said what if I can't fix it now? I have an appointment soon. He said my computer would run slow and I would continue to lose data from my computer. Then I told him I had an imac and he got flustered. I kept messing with him awhile longer then confessed that I was just playing along with him, that I was disgusted with what he was doing and while I continued this he hung up! ;)
 Nov 25th, 2013
A real noisy background with people speaking in heavy Indian accents. Nobody spoke on the phone. Left it off hook for 10 seconds and then hung up.
 Nov 24th, 2013