This guy just tried scamming me for my car that I just put on Craigslist, although he tried something new compared to the comments below. He sent me a text at 4 in the morning, asked 2 questions about the car, and didn't even bother to negotiate the price. He told me his email was like the other commentors, and he insisted on paying through Paypal. A quick Google search lead me here, and there is no doubt this guy is full of it. I can't imagine anyone even falling for this scam but watch out for him.
 Dec 31st, 2013
Basically the same story as below. I posted an item on Craigslist then got an email from this guy Got several calls from 212-044-1236 after that, the guy made several obscene comments, I hung up. He also said he was from Speedy PC.
 Nov 20th, 2013
Guy with accent said he was calling from "Speedy PC" regarding my computer that is running Windows. Said there is a problem but I may not not even be aware because it's not a "virus." Wanted me to be in front of my computer to check a few things. Asked if I was in front if my computer and I said "No". Said he would need me to get in front of my computer to check a few things and it would t require me getting online. I hung up. Ridiculous!
 Nov 17th, 2013
Some guy with an accent so strong I couldn't understand, but it was something to do with our computer. He was trying to tell us we had something wrong with our computer. I knew it was a scam, we've had this before.
 Nov 17th, 2013
Called my listed on the do-not-call list phone on a Saturday evening. Said "Hello?" when the answering machine picked up, and hung up right afterwards. Lots of noise in the background. Clearly an India call center.
 Nov 17th, 2013
received a phone message from a guy who spoke broken engrish with a heavy India accent. He claimed to be calling from Caltech despite having a 212 area code.

He asked me to get some settings from my windows computer.
john doe
 Nov 16th, 2013
Got the exact call as philly guy below. Someone supposedly from Microsoft telling us our computer has something wrong. My husband's reply? "our computer is fine. Do you have a small penis?"
Caller hung up
mad in TX
 Nov 16th, 2013
This number came up - at 11AM Nov 16 3013 - hindi guy named Mike professed to be from Microsoft - with the NOW FAMOUS computer problem SCAM.
I gave him hell and hung up.
It's the third time from these jokers!
Why don't they give it up already?
Philly Guy
 Nov 16th, 2013
guy called sounding urgent saying "there is a problem with your computer" I replied "Oh really?" he sensed the sarcastic tone in my voice and told me to F*** Off.
 Nov 16th, 2013
A foreign sounding voice said I am calling you about your computer, OK? I said it is not OK. Do not call me again. Then I hung up.
Mary Smith
 Nov 16th, 2013
Just heard some breathing on the phone. Then they hung up.
 Nov 15th, 2013