So tired of these calls...
 Mar 08th, 2013
Illegal Robo Call. Telecommunications and computer system fraud coupled with Credit card scam. Caller attempts to gain control of yoru PC by having you follow deceptive instructions. If you let this happen, caller disables your computer, claiming virus infection caused the problems. Caller offers to repair if you pay by credit card. If you fall for this and pay, caller repeatedly charges credit card beyond your limit. Computer remains disabled after payment. Personal information and identity theft continue after this attack. Call your State Attorney General's Office to report.
 Feb 21st, 2013
Some fuzzy sounding foreigner, asked for me by name (almost). When I said it was me, he hung up on me! How rude! He had no idea what he was in for. Welcome to Call Block, A**hole!
 Feb 14th, 2013
A new D-bag has my number. Another D-bag whose call I won't answer. Went to VM, but nothing was left.
 Nov 02nd, 2012
wife answered and the guy asked for me. She said I am busy he said he will call back? 000 is from a skype or voip phone, so obviously its a scam
 Sep 11th, 2012
Caller was clearly operating from a call center- probably outside the US (likely India) providing unsolicited "technical support" and was not prepared for the questions I had for him... like what business he was working for and on whose behalf the unsolicited technical support was being rendered. He opened with, "I believe you have a computer running Windows XP or Windows 7" to which I replied, "what is the basis for your belief?" I grilled him and the long pauses indicated a lack of preparation for someone not buying into some premise that my computer was harboring some Trojan or whatever other malware resulting in complaints coming into them (he screwed that part of his script up). I decided that I had my share of fun with this person I asked, "So what you're looking for is access to my machine to identify the problem" "Uh... yes" "GoodBYE" *click*
A. Noyed
 Aug 23rd, 2012
At 3pm CT my office phone rang. The caller ID showed New York 1-212-000-3459. As soon as I answered the call...he started right in. A thick Indian accent telling me that he was calling me because my window 7, xp, or me computer had issues. His name was Nigel Wright from One Stop Solutions. (I had this call before and knew exactly what it was) He asked if I had a computer...his call volume wasn't very loud so I thought I would "play with" guy a little. I said are very will need to speak up. He tried and it was a little better. I interrupted him again and said "Nigel" are you using a headset to talk to me?" He said "yes I am". I said well you are still very need to pick up and use your handset. He fumbled a little and picked up the handset. He was still a little faint..but decided to let him move on. He started again saying that Chaska (the city I live in) told them that 20% of the computers in the city has issues. I interrupted him and asked him to clarify...I responded "You are telling me that my City call you and said my PC had a problem>" he said "yes they fact they said 70% of the computers had issue (interesting that the percentage increased from 20% to 70%)....he continued...and I interrupted him again and asked to clarify his name..."you said it was Nigel" and " you are from India"...he told me that he worked for a outsourced company ...bla bla I interrupted him and asked him what city he was in...he said India. I said no...what city....I said "I have employees that work in Hyderabad and Bangalore (two cities in India)...he stumbled for a bit and finally said Calcutta (Kolkata) muttered some more and said Mumbai...ok so I let him continue. I knew the next step was to take me into the Administrative Event Viewer...but I let him tell me how to get there. He said " I will take you there with the you see the c t r l key (spelling out the letters). I told him that I didn't see a c t r l key but I did have a control key (yes is know the CTRL key is the control key) but it was fun to play with him. We got into the log file via the event manager. He asked me if a saw a "red circle with a cross in it" I said no but I see a red circle with a "!" (Exclamation mark) in it. He "what's that" ...know that he wanted me to say it says "error" next to it....I said and exclamation mark is a vertical line with a period under it. he again said what is it...I you mean the red circle...he said yes....I said a red circle is like square, except that the corners are round and it has the color red inside. (I know he wants me to say "error" as that is what the icon is for...but I won't do it. We go thru the red circle scenario a couple of times...and he switches tactics and asks if I see a yellow triangle with a cross in it. I say sure...he asks "what is it". I say do you mean the yellow triangle? and he said yes...what is it. (I know he wants me to say error...but I won't). I answer his and say a yellow triangle is a shape that has three sides, has a flat bottom and a point at the top. He said right, what is it? So again I say...a yellow triangle is like a square with the top line removed and the side pushed to the center until the line meet and form a point and it has the color yellow in it. We do this dance a couple of times and again he changes tactics and askes me "are there a lot of them?" I ask "what is a lot?" He replies "like 20 or 30 of them." I waited a couple of seconds and exclaimed "good grief...there must be over 200 or 300 of them!!!" Of course this thrilled him. I am sure that he must have felt that he finally made a connection with me...for sure I would understand that my PC was totally infected. He then told me that because I had so so many infections...he would have to transfer me to a "senior technician" because he could only fix 20 - 30 issues. The phone fumbles a couple of time and Tony Wright (note the last name) gets on the call. He begins to read his prepared script and I interrupt him. I say..."Tony, your name Tony Wright?" He says "Yes it is" and gets ready to start again...but I interrupt him again and say "Tony Wright, so are you the brother of Nigel?" He is confused so I ask him again "Are you the brother of Nigel?" He is confused still so I say "You and Nigel have the same last name of Wright." He now understands and says he is not Nigel's brother. I say..."Oh you just have the same last name." He says yes and starts his script again...I interrupt again and ask him "is Wright a very common name in India" He is confused and not sure where to go with that and tries to start his script again...I let him continue on. He asks if I see all the issues listed in my "event viewer" again I exclaim "Yes! There are hundred of them!!" He begins again..but of course I interrupt him again...and say "you mean these ones in the "log file"...he says "yes, do you know what they are?" he asks again. I say do you mean what a log file I proceed to tell him what a log file is. "A log file is the file to which a computer system writes a record of its activities." He isn't sure what to do with that answer and is silent a bit I say "you know, a log file where applications also write information about the processes it is running and also places a record of any errors or excepts is has as it processes the computer application code." Again he not sure what to say I say " did you also know that a computers OS...I mean "Operating System" (I say that very slow emphasizing each syllable...He starts to say something. but I begin to interrupt him again...but I never get any farther because he finally hangs up the call on my. Not bad I was able to keep them on the phone for about 45 minutes. The longest I kept one of these guys on the phone was 4.5 hours (it was a support person from AOL). You can thank me that by keeping them on the phone for 45 meant that they could call you during that time! You are Welcome
Mind Games
 Aug 02nd, 2012
This is the fake PC tech scam. See this thread:

 Jul 10th, 2012
Caller, William, claimed to be from Microsoft Quality Control and was calling about problems people were having with Windows 7. Wanted to do something with the computer, but when I said I was on the second phone line, "she" hung up. I think this was some sort of scam I heard about on TV or on the web recently. Very suspicious.
 Jul 10th, 2012
Go to this website and download the SIT tones and messages if you like. I like WATSOutOfBand-.wav. Use this as your Answering machine message. The SIT Tones will tell their RoboDialer that your phone number is not working and after a few times your number will be removed. SInce these pieces of garbages sell their databases (they probably also sell pornographic photos of their children) they will remove your number.
 May 25th, 2012
Receive a phone call from 212-000-3459 Name Unavailabl. They are giving a Microsoft class, but I think this is a scam because you can hear all the people in the background and the person who called had an accent from India...I let him say his piece and then said no and hung up. I didn't give any info out about anything and I have put this number in a note book I keep for these type of numbers with where they are coming from (area code) and what type of scam they are selling, etc... So now I know not to pick up on this mumber or if I do pick up I then hang up before they can say a word...beware of this scam from Microsoft...I have reported this to the fcc and to Microsoft....
no name
 Mar 26th, 2012
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, yet another scammer/phisher/annoyance. The caller had/has such a thick accent, it's almost impossible to understand one word he was saying. So that was the first tip. Second, he refused to give details. Or perhaps he did not understand my English, which is fluent. BEWARE of this number and whomever this guy is. A fraud no matter what.
 Mar 09th, 2012
Googled the number. Sounds like a phishing scam, trying to get you to give them personal data so they can hack your PC. Don't answer.
 Mar 06th, 2012