Why do so many people think if their phone rings they must answer it?
You have Caller ID, USE IT! Do you let anyone coming to your door into
your home? Wake up people, these are crooks, DO NOT ANSWER when they
call you! They manipulate the CID system so any info you get is
probably bogus anyway.

If for some insane reason you must answer it's too late! The second
you answer the phone you have told them you have a valid phone number.
They will then sell this info to other scammers. Pushing a # to
'remove yourself from their list' does absolutely NOTHING.

How easy is that?

Stop these calls with Phone Tray Pro - Https://
BTW the phone block system the phone company charges you for does NOT
block all the calls Phone Tray Pro does. Disclaimer: I have NO connection
with Phone Tray Pro other than being an EXTREMELY happy customer of their
products. I used Phone Tray Free for years and now use their Phone Tray
Pro. Best money I have ever spent! I've seen ads for a
 Feb 09th, 2013
Got a call from these folks too. I know how the rest of you guys feel and perhaps I can suggest a solution. If you are willing to pay the price you can stop these calls in the middle of the night and at other times too. Call blocking as it is currently available from service providers is not useful since they only allow you to block about 5-10 numbers. At least that's all AT&T will do. I decided this wasn't good enough and did some research. If you want to spend the money, you can buy a device that will block up to 80 numbers from calling you. It is called a DIGITONE call blocker and it runs about one hundred dollars, and can be purchased from DIGITONE COMMUNICATIONS at 6501 E. Greenway Parkway. Ste. 103-622, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 They can be reached by phone during business hours at: 1-877-610-5693 or visit their website at This device saved my peace and quiet and will do the same for you.
 Nov 20th, 2012
This number continues to call to give me better rates for my credit card. It is always the same, "this is your last call." Oh that it was.
 Oct 25th, 2012
Why not just be honest and tell people who you are? Using these ghost numbers only makes me think you have something shady that you are trying to hide. I do not answer calls from numbers that I don't know. Too many scammers, politicians and crazy people that call.
fed up
 Jul 04th, 2012