this is a legit thrift store in san antonio.
calls are annoying though. carry on....
 Sep 04th, 2013
This is a centralized donation call center that requests donations for various charity thrift stores. They say "A truck will be in your area collecting items like clothes, books, and magazines . If you have anything to donate." Today they said Easter Seals, I guess because Easter is this month. I've had them ask for donations for Disabled Vets as well. I was told to put the donated items in a bag and write ES on bag, leave it on porch, and she will give a courtesy call the day before to remind me. I don't mind donating , but once you do, they seem to step up the requests. I feel like telling them if I gave them clothes every time they call I'd soon be naked. But I have no problem letting them have my old books or magazines saving my recycle bin space for kitchen recyclables. After all giving someone reading material is great. Plus I do shop thrift stores myself for electronics And Nickknacks.
 Mar 20th, 2013
Hung up when I answered
 Dec 08th, 2012
This number will call say three days out of the week, and on those days will call 2-3 times. It shows up on the Caller ID as 'Thrift Stores.' I have never donated anything to a thrift store or called one for a pickup, etc. Never leaves a message, and ALWAYS calls late at night. Very annoying!
 Jun 11th, 2010
Been getting these calls for months.They leave a VERY LOUD ANNOYING tone on my answering machine.
 Apr 24th, 2010
Calls sometimes twice a week from these people. Have tried for almost a year to get them to stop calling. They are very harrassing and should be reported. They have told me numerous times that they would remove my number from the list, but it has not been done. I was even directed to call a specific number and leave my number for them to take me off the list. None of this was ever done.
 Oct 22nd, 2008
Disabled American Veterans to schedule a donation pickup.
 Jan 03rd, 2008
I called the number and the person was very nice and I asked her I think I am on some type of call list and to please remove, she asked for my number and said nicely that it would be removed
stop calls
 Jul 13th, 2007
I think it has something to do with an unscrupulous DAV organization on the southside of San Antonio.
 Jun 20th, 2007
repeated calls for several weeks
 Dec 09th, 2006