November 2009 Got a call today on a debt that is now under the SOL. I tried years ago to settle with these guys and 2 other creditors but they were not willing to settle so i had no other choice but to not pay.

I just learned today from this great site that the SOL in California is 4 years. This debt goes back to 2004 so I'm safe. The guy on the phone was a complete jerk.. now what do I do If I get a notice in the mail threatening legal action or a judgment? Go ask over at on the forum...

October 2009 My husband obtain a credit card through Bank One NA in 1995 and stop paying the card in 1997, the credit card was charged-off in November 2001. He began receiving calls from various collection agencies in December 2006, we stated to the various debt collectors that this debt reached it SOL. It bounced around for a year in a half until it reached AAC. He received a summons in the mail stating that he owed $ 4800 and was bang sued. We went before a judge and the lawyer stated that he owed the debt and we stated that the account was charged off in 2001. the judge ordered them to submit a Bill of Particulars and they submitted a copy of a faxed copy of a statement that stated my husband made a payment in December 16, 2006, which is untrue. Because a few weeks later we began receiving collection calls and I had to file a complaint with the FTC and BBB in regards to the threats made by the previous collection. In my Grounds for Defense I listed that this debt exceeds the SOL, iI have his credit reports that go back to 2005.

October 2009 Well, I'm not quite sure where to start with these guys. In April of last year I sent them a c&d asking them to verify that they owned my account. As expected, nothing ever came. Almost a year later, the phone calls have started again. I have been ignoring them, waiting to the breaking point of madness before I would speak my mind to them. I finally did. The young lady on the other end of the phone stated, there was nothing on my record stating they got the C&D.

Long story short, I filed with the BBB of Western Michigan and today I got a response from Asset Acceptance. It was photocopies of my original documents that I signed. Yep, I signed them. However, the information that was listed was somewhat inaccurate.

My point. Is this just another scheme that a bottom feeder uses. The debt is close to the SOL, and I know that when things get there the flood gates start to be open and everything flies out. (If need be Bud, I can forward the paperwork to you and you can take a look).

September 2009 I've been getting calls from Asset Acceptance Corp. My mom took the calls and they left their contact info. I figured it was some scumbag trying to pull a fast one, instead of calling them back I got online and did some research which is how I found this website (thank god for the Internet). Today I received a letter from them pertaining to an old Wamu/Providian Credit Card Account opened in 99 which I stop paying on back in 03 or early 04 because of a charge dispute with them.

The SOL here in Louisiana is 3 yrs for Credit Cards. I know this account has since been charged off. I checked my credit report and found the same Wamu/Providian Credit Card # listed twice with Chase but with 2 different high balance amounts, however I could not find it listed with Wamu/Providian. I have never had any cc accounts with Chase until the end of 2007 at which I was approved for and received an Amazon Chase CC for 400.00. I feel that if I owed Chase anything for an unpaid CC account they would not have approved me for a CC period. I had another scumbag company Called CACH LLC trying to collect on this same Providian account up until last year they finally gave up and stopped.

There ought to be a law against people like this getting into our credit reports, altering information, and harassing consumers. I'm 47yrs.old lost my husband in 99 to a brutally violent crime I've raised my 3 children on disability & soc sec with the help of my mom. I do not want to be harassed about something that is totally worthless. The letter states that I have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt or they will assume the debt is valid, it also says they will obtain a copy of a judgment. I have never had any judgments against me for anything and don't want any now. I am sending a dispute NOTICE & DEMAND FOR DEBT VALIDATION I have enough going on in my life to worry about then having to deal with these sorry scumbag lowlifes?

June 2009 I think we should call them 400 times a day trying to collect on the debts they have and also invent some from supposedly owing money to places that went out of business in 1880 they do this to us so we should do this to them and have a original amount of 1600 add up to 600 billion from interest accruing since 1880 see how they like their own fraud used against them

June 2009 Henry R. Idar,III is one of the worst at Asset Acceptance in San Antonio TX Have other people call him at home 682 Rattler Bluff at 210-522-0394 or on his cell phone at 210-912-0394 or send him an email at . He brags to his buddies about cleaning out peoples bank accounts and making them write hot checks. Thinks it is funny!

June 2009 Received a call from Amy Wright at AAC. She stated they were not a collection agency but a finance company. She was trying to collect on a debt that was charged off in 2001, is she a lair, are they for real? What are my options?

Asset Acceptance Corp is very good at lying. They are not a finance company , they are bottom-feeder junk debt collectors with ankle high b.s. Your state has a three year statute of limitations, they had to stop reporting it at seven years from the charge off date. That account is under a lot of dust as well as their colorful lines of crap. Asset, like most junk debt collectors is low on fresh accounts, so they have descended into the abyss of old, out of stature debts to collect. Management must have one heck of a time motivating collectors to convince consumers to pay, so they simply lie and misrepresent to status of the debt in hopes of earning a paycheck. I suggest that you make them spend as much money as possible. Wait for the mandatory written notice, send them a dispute validation letter. They can call and ask you to pay, you can refuse and keep their meter running for a very long time.
 Feb 26th, 2010