This individual is a scammer. He will call numerous times, book an appointment and not pay to play. He is about 6'2", 300lbs, Caucasian. He is polite and soft spoken. BE VERY CAUTIOUS! He will not pay for services rendered! He will leave an item (watch, jacket etc.) to go to the car as he forgot his wallet and will NOT return! BE CAREFUL and collect up front, especially for services where payment and tip are collected at the end of the service. Our Spa and girls is not free Mr. Dorok!!
Pham Do
 Feb 05th, 2013
Concerned San Antonio citizen - do not use this guy. He claimed he could fix anything, particularly electrical issues. Well, while he worked on some other car in his garage (I had to drop my car off at this "mobile mechanic's house in Converse), my car sat in his driveway for nearly 2 weeks!! 2 Weeks? When I have my car towed to a real mechanic he then tries to charge me a "lot fee" for storage!!
 Nov 02nd, 2012