Two calls in two days leaving a message from Alex IRS agent with the threats about garnishing the wages and putting a lien on the property withing 24 hours. They do scare some innocent old folks out sometimes and get them to pay them the money. Does anyone know how to report these clowns to the authorities?
 Jan 28th, 2014
They called saying IRS a had ua urgent matter with me. Gave me some bogus IRS Agent numbers. Went to transfer me to there boss as he put it. and dropped phone. Was pretty funny the whole thing. They are fishing for info DO NOT GIVE them anything. IRS or anyone with half a business will give you the information before you have to give it to them...
 Jan 28th, 2014
Stated his name was calvin Scott from ITS informed that the it's would be garnishment of taxes and wages an officer would be contacting us with 24 hours and left a name and number
 Jan 28th, 2014
Male with thick Pakistani-sounding accent left a voicemail message claiming to be "Officer Richard Brown from the United States Crime Bureau". Says he has a legal complaint with my name and social security number. Yeah right. Then he repeats "his" cell phone number (this one here) and pronounces the "85" like "h y". I will NOT be returning his phone call.
 Jan 28th, 2014