11:46 AM - 202-599-9212
12:09 PM - 000-00-0000 Unknown caller
1:42 PM - 800-942-1970 - Toll free call
2:20 PM - 800-421-0000
3:21 PM - 215-207-8754
3:49 PM - 210-460-0215
3:51 PM - 202-870-5604
4:03 PM - 866-544-4857

This is beyond ridiculous. This is outright savagery!
 Mar 23rd, 2012
"Hello, my name is Sherita, and I'm calling...." Same format as with a previous call from 210-460-0215. Political survey call. Of course, having been awakened from my afternoon nap, I was in no mood to play "patty-cake" with a dingbat, so I used some of my U. S. Navy vocabulary on her and hung up.
 Mar 19th, 2012
I said, "Hello." (pause) "Hello, I'm calling on behalf of..." White male business-like voice; chatty. I hung up and did not listen to the full message.
 Mar 18th, 2012
It looks like the robo-caller groups have gotten past the FCC once again. This number is in the same sequence as several others that have been complained about here at WCU. I guess AT&T could not stand to lose all the business of selling bundled numbers.
 Mar 15th, 2012