this is the 2nd day in a row recieved a call from this number; both times GE Security Services is seeking 5 homeowners who will allow them to place a sign in their yard; there is no opt out option, just "press 1" if you are interested; since I would like the calls to stop, I pressed 1 yesterday 3/26/13 at 10:13 a.m. and the CS man I spoke with asked how he could help and I asked him to remove me from his call list; this morning the same call and message came at 9:49 a.m. and again I pressed "1" and this time got a message saying to leave a message for 210-454-3650 - I am on the do not call registry and logging nuisance calls by number, date, time of call, and results and sending this to the FCC - I have already sent a letter and received a response from the FCC and will continue to do so
 Mar 27th, 2013