I received a telephone call on my home phone from 210-426-7921. That number was a disposable cell phone and the number disconnected by this morning. The caller threatening to serve two warrants at my home address (which he already knew) for "ignoring a jury duty summons" and "failure to appear." He said I would have to appear at 200 W. Ferguson Street, Court Rm. 4B the next day with fees of $1,000 each charge, or go a jail, immediately. When I asked for his number to check the validity of his claim, he became loud and abusive - more threatening, saying they were coming right out to my house. I said, "Whatever." Then hung up. There are many reasons for this being a total scam. One being his offer to settle the matter on the phone, using my credit card. Hearing this conversation did give my blood pressure a hike up. So, I'm warning everyone else.
Peggye L. Mills
 Feb 13th, 2014