They call my mother all day and the one time she picked up, a man and a woman kept shouting at each other in a foreign language. I called back and a woman said they are "West Business Services", an "authorized call center of At&t". I told them to remove my mother from the call list. We'll see what happens. Other numbers end in 5240 and 5231, same area code and prefix. I WILL get to the bottom of this!
 Jul 14th, 2010
They call me all day long from about 9am until 8:30 pm every few hours, sometimes twice a day, other days up to 6-8 times! They never leave a message on my machine, sometimes they hang up when I answer, but other times they try to sell me a communication "bundle" with internet service. I tell them over and over I am not interested but they keep calling.
 Jun 26th, 2010
Call all times of the day, never leaves a message. Caller id shows West
 Jun 05th, 2010
did not leave a message. Caller ID shows "west"
 Jun 01st, 2010
This solicitor calls multiple times a day starting in early morning until evening.
 May 17th, 2010