I stopped answering calls from 210-331-nnnn
 Nov 18th, 2010
Please file a complaint with the FTC here:

Even if you are an AT&T customer, they are not permitted to abandon calls, by law they are required to answer and/or leave a message. Please file a complaint and hit them where it counts, in the wallet.
 Nov 20th, 2009
West Called
 Nov 07th, 2009
These posts go back well over a year. I experience the same pattern as complained about here.
 Oct 24th, 2009
Receive calls from this number regularly. Shows up as "West". Never leaves a message, few times ive answered it, noone responded, and it disconnected.
Read alot here indicating its AT&T. You would think AT&T could afford to use an 800 number. This almost seems like a scam on AT&Ts part to try to get you to call the number, charging you of course, the probably target people using AT&T long distance, I dont use my landline for LD calls, so it has no LD plan. Bet they do their best to keep you on the line with those incredible DSL deals. Glad I cancelled my mobile phone service with them as well.
 Sep 10th, 2009
This number, which shows up as WEST, has called my home EVERY single day for almost 5 months now. It is a constant annoyance that I pray will go away but never does.
 Aug 29th, 2009
Long pause. After pressing a few buttons, someone said something that chopped and "thank you for calling AT&T" and hung up. Reverse lookup indicate the number i traced to San Antonio (Bexar County - perhaps Converse), TX. Perhaps that call center's autodialer or contact center solution needs to be fixed/upgraded. Calls come almost every other day and unpredictable times. Thanks AT&T for giving me another reason not to do business with you.
 Aug 29th, 2009
I have received phone calls from this number at least twice a day, mostly no one says anything , but when they do they claim to be from AT&T wanting to know if I have a computer to offer me internet service.
 Aug 06th, 2009
ftc does not help.they are just collecting paychecks.dnc is just a rippoff.it doesnt help.dont waste your time on them.when they call turn the music or anything loud annoy them just like they annoy you.stupid asses.these people will try to scare you.pleaseeeeeeeeee dont pay them any attention.this is bad times and they know you dont have any money.
 Jul 20th, 2009
I never answer this one but they are persistent. Must call at least once a day and it's been going on for a couple months.
 Jul 15th, 2009
Had 2 calls today. First one, I was out, no message left. Second one, I was by the phone and answered. Heard background noise for about 10 seconds after answering, there was no reply. I said hello again...the call disconnected.
Lisa M.
 Jul 12th, 2009
I just changed my home number about 3 months ago and this "West" name and phone number calls me at least twice a day and on weekends. How do we get rid of it? Any suggesions.

Royal Palm Beach, FL
M. D.
 Jul 11th, 2009
This number calls me at least twice a day. I have my phone number on the "Do Not Call List" and yet they have been consistantly calling since I was first issued my home phone - about 3 months. Any time I answer the phone, they hang up. I have said "Stop calling me!" instead of "hello" when I see it is "West" on the caller ID and answer the phone. Now I pick up the line and then disconnect it. It hasn't stopped their calling. I called the number this evening, about 15 minutes after it called me. I received a recording that stated customer service was closed and for me to call back M-F from 9am-5pm, even though they called me well after 6:30pm.
Jenny in JAX
 Jun 26th, 2009
I am TIRED, TIRED, TIRED of this!! 3-4 times a day. I don't even pick up the phone when I see the caller ID! We keep reporting this and now we want to know when is something going to be done about it!!
Had enough
 Jun 24th, 2009
Calls from the number 5-7 times a week for about the past year, never anyone on the line. Well over 200 calls and no one on the calling end has said a word yet.
 Jun 22nd, 2009
Continue to call. Private name or West ACCCHHHHHH Never leave a message.
Barbara FL
 Jun 20th, 2009
The Caller ID comes up with PRIVATE NAME then 210-331-5229. I've seen West followed by the 210-331-5229. I called them back and it was AT&T wanting to sell internet service. I told them that if the calls keep on coming in that this matter will be turned over to an attorney. They put me on a do not call list of which they said will take up to thirty days. We will see!!!
Chris KY
 Jun 17th, 2009
Blow a loud air horn in the receiver, stopped them in their trax
 Jun 09th, 2009
Calls but does not talk. Sometimes make grunting noise, pretty wierd. Maybe he/she is unable to communicate in a normal fashion. Trying grunting back if you get a call, it may help them to feel better.
 Jun 06th, 2009
I've reported this to the San Antonio police dept without any response. It is obviously a secret location with the technology to make the 210 area code number appear. Who the heck knows where the liars are calling from - one thing for sure they are scamming the American public. It's homeland terrorism and someone responsible needs to be shot!
Fed UP
 May 30th, 2009
These folks are scamming people from this number which is not really their number but some how the can make it appear on your caller ID. What I'd like to know is why the F B I or AT & T can't do something about these scams!
No Dummy
 May 30th, 2009
Harrassing CALLS about 4 times a day...sometimes as private caller, often as WBS. Will not adhere to DNC registry and will not adhere to message on machine which says DO NOT CALL.
 May 28th, 2009
Since others have figured out and posted that this is an AT&T phone number, I called ATT and asked them to remove me from all of their sales solicitation lists. He said it would take 24 hours to be in effect. Hopefully the calls from this number will actually stop.
 May 27th, 2009
selling dsl for at&t
 Apr 20th, 2009
The caller hangs up when my husband answers the telephone. The telephone number is 210-331-5229. They have called several times.
Erma Smith-King
 Mar 27th, 2009
They just keep calling and leave no message. I am on the "DO NOT CALL" list.
 Mar 20th, 2009
I spoke with a telemarketer who said they were with ATT selling DSL service. This number is a land line out of San Antonio, Texas
 Mar 12th, 2009
This business is ANNOYING. If you answer the telephone call from this number then no one is there. If you return the call then you are informed that this is a "vendor" associated with AT&T and placed on hold. There is no way that I have found to ask this company to quit calling.
 Mar 11th, 2009
They call every night and never leave a message. Always shows up as "WEST".
Bubba in TN
 Feb 21st, 2009
annoying calls due to not having the courtesy of leaving a message, just hang up.
 Feb 18th, 2009
Company has been calling for several weeks, first under "West" and then under "Private Caller." We don't answer unknown numbers, and they don't leave any answering machine messages. We are AT&T customers at present. Thanks to the rest of you for the information. Yes, they do call on Saturdays and more than once a day.
 Feb 14th, 2009
These people have called me several times while I was at work, but they never left a message. Their number was on my Caller ID so I called them. They're a company called WEST, and they're an authorized vendor for AT&T. They're trying to sell us internet service, etc. I told them to put me on their DO NOT CALL list.
 Feb 13th, 2009
These idiots call my phone number a lot of times a week. Nobody record message and I cannot understand what they want

.I have AT&T home line and DSL Internet but I am seriously thinking in change services tgo other provider
 Jan 24th, 2009
Hung up before answering machine came on. Called twice on the same day.
 Jan 23rd, 2009
They call me 3 or 4 times a day. It doesn't matter if you are on a dnc list if you have done business with AT@T or bell south within the last 6 months. Any such company is exempt from the DNC list if that is the case. The best thing is just not to pick up. Maybe they will get tired of calling!!!
 Jan 16th, 2009
Caller let phone ring three times and did not allow my answering machine to come on, so they could leave a message.
This happens often, at the least twice a week.
 Jan 14th, 2009
They keep calling me to. I Have never had AT&T or any cable or sat TV. I Pay All my bills on time(I make over 100,000 a year and I live way below my means) I have never had a late bill in my life. They wont tell me who they work for the just keep telling me I am late on my bill. I have never been late on a bill EVER.
Jeff Lazion
 Jan 03rd, 2009
We get 2-3 calls per day from this number. no messages...just rings. we don't answer...they just keep calling.
southeast usa
 Dec 28th, 2008
we get calls from this number at least twice a day... no messages.. just calls.
 Dec 28th, 2008
Why can't something be done about these calls? I receive so many and I am on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. I answer sometimes but no one says anything.
 Dec 27th, 2008
Stop calling!
Private eye
 Dec 20th, 2008
This same number calls all of the time, just about every day! Today 1:44pm, 6:30 pm, also the other day at *45 am, give it up!! some times caller ID says West, other times it says private. I do not understand how the same phone number would identify itself as different things. I am getting tired of it..I am not usually home, but I imagine that my cat is going crazy with the phone constantly ringing, lol, lol!
 Dec 16th, 2008
has me thinking i got a damn job from west i had jus come from an interview
 Dec 12th, 2008
directtv?? LOL,just change to another service,it's probably less costly :)
 Dec 11th, 2008
Calls 3 to 6 times a day no MSG. and when I do pick up it a clear line then hangs up on me.
 Dec 05th, 2008
They call every day three or four times
 Dec 01st, 2008
 Nov 27th, 2008
block this tird
long dick jones
 Nov 26th, 2008
This number is from AT&T marketing and is computer driven. They refused to remove your phone number from the computer calling list. Another cantact I had with AT&T said I was required to take the calls. I don't think so.
 Nov 24th, 2008
On behalf of DirecTv, I am hereby authorized to send each and every account that has outstanding balances to CBE for collections. This is my job. Pay your bills on time and in full, and we would not have to do this. Being poor/broke is not an excuss, you ordered the service, you pay the bill.

Scott West
Albany, OR
1-541-926-4635 Field Office
1-360-885-9669 Regional Office
1-541-936-1908 Office
1-800-531-5000 Customer Service
 Nov 22nd, 2008
I had 73 mins left on my att pre paid phone card. Now my balance is zero i do not understand this. I did hang up this number today West 210 331 5229
 Nov 15th, 2008
So is this ATT making these call's.
 Nov 15th, 2008
210-331-5229 keeps calling all day
 Nov 14th, 2008
This number has called us 15 times in 6 days!!!!!!!!!! When I answered, they said it was AT&T...........We have asked them to stop to no avail..........our next step is an attorney!
 Nov 06th, 2008
Thay called several times today caller ID said West. This is AT&T calling for Cable service.
 Nov 03rd, 2008
This number calls my house as many as 12-15 times a day- beginning at 8:30AM and going right up to 8:47 PM. There is no one on the line and the calls are truly bothersome and a nuisance. What can be done to stop these calls?
 Oct 28th, 2008
My son worked for a company called West in Pensacola Florida. Ultimately he quit as they were not a good company to work for and subsequently was banned from any of their establishments. I believe a chicken suit was used during the quitting process...Their main employees are young people starting out or in college. His job description was Customer Service for ATT.
 Oct 25th, 2008
They call me consistently. Every few days, I never picked up but one day I did and when I said Hello...the idiot just slammed the phone down on me. Very rude person. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST...but it must not help on this one. We have AT&T phone and DSL service,but if they can't stop this kinds of spam marketing calls,we are looking for a new provider....Take a hike...WEST.... whoever you may be and whoever you are calling from.
 Oct 20th, 2008
let ring 3 times then hung up
 Oct 17th, 2008
this number on 10-14-08 at 3:57pm , by the time i answered they hung up.
this number also called on 10-13-08.
i've called att and was told to look here , i also told her to remove my number from att vendors , this is an att paid vendor , one that try to get you in more debt with new services.
 Oct 16th, 2008
these guys started calling us after we made changes to our internet service. at&t is who we use. we are now switching b/c this seems to happen every time we change something with them. last time they called continually for 2 mos! i'm sick of at&t. i think they must be organized crime or something. i have never had so much trouble with any company-only att. this space is not big enough to list the problems we have had with them. this week we are cancelling our entire service with them and going to another provider. can't waittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Oct 08th, 2008
called and tried to sell new phone plan. I refused and caller refused to acknowledge my refusal. Called two more times the next day while at work and again the following day. The first three times the caller ID said West, the last time Blocked Name.
 Oct 03rd, 2008
called twice in two days. love caller I.D. did not pick up - they did not leave a message
 Oct 02nd, 2008
210-331-5229 is an ATT sales line out of San Antonio. Whenever you have a phone number you don't recongnize go to http://www.whitepages.com/ and click on the Reverse Lookup. Key in the number and it will tell you what is public. The other thing I do is call them back and tell them not to call. That is what I did with the above number and I got a recording that thank me for calling Bellsouth Internet Services - to place an order or bla, bla, bla.
 Oct 02nd, 2008
I am so fed up with this number calling and hanging up when I answer. They have a real knack for calling when I am busy. I am tired of all of the ATT calls I am getting. I am not interested. Period. What ever happened to the no call list?
 Sep 18th, 2008
This is AT&T (West) They will not quit calling. I filed a complaint with https://www.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx
 Sep 09th, 2008
File a complaint against AT&T https://www.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx
 Sep 09th, 2008
Had WEST on caller ID..picked up phone - nobody there....
 Sep 03rd, 2008
This number has relentlessly been calling me for weeks. Never leaves a message and I have never answered. I tried to call the number back and received a message that If I needed to speak to a rep to call back during business hours or go to their website, Fastaccess.com. I looked it up and it quickly turned into bell south. Very very disturbing and odd.Att I thought owns bell south? And for Crimony's sake why would bell south be calling me in CA? I already have Att highspeed.. This is harrassment.
 Aug 28th, 2008
I get an average of about 6 of these calls every day. The caller ID shows "tollfree number", "private caller", etc. Never leave a message on answering machine. I'm on the Do Not Call list, but I couldn't live in the same house with the telephone if I didn't have the answering machine and caller ID.
 Aug 28th, 2008
They said they were from AT&T and asked to speak with the person whose name is on our home phone (they asked by name, so I assume this is from the home phone company)
 Aug 27th, 2008
I have been getting continuous calls from Bellsouth and AT&T.
 Aug 27th, 2008
same thing, same number, same name
 Aug 27th, 2008
They call 6 times a day. who is this?? I have picked up and no one is on the other end.
 Aug 27th, 2008
They have called at least once every day for the last week and 3 times today. No message left, I did not answer.
 Aug 26th, 2008
If they ever call you again, just tell them that YOU are the AT&T call center. Ha, ha. What'll they do if everyone does that?
phone tired
 Aug 26th, 2008
These people have called several times saying they're from AT&T (sometimes pronounced IT&T) and asked for me by name. This time I tried something different. I told them that they had called the AT&T call center, yes, I was the call center. The man said that he didn't think that was possible. I told him to get the phone tech guy and have him check the machine that does the random calling - to take the back off of it and replace the EPROM, because sometimes they go bad. The conversation lasted for maybe 20 minutes. I don't have enough roo for all of it. I hope they do work on the machine. Ha, ha.
phone tired
 Aug 26th, 2008
So this is AT&T, huh. We use AT&T, but I think that we are going to switch to another company that doesn't spam my telephone like AT&T does.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
This is AT&T trying to sell you high speed cable. Don't answer.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
Rang three times but hung up before my answering machine came on.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
I just called this number back. It was AT&T. I was on hold for 10 mins before I got a rep. Requested for them to take me off there calling lists. He replied it could take up to 30 days to be removed from all lists. Told him that was fine, just as long as I was off and that they would STOP CALLING! Call back during business hours. Apparently they are open on Saturdays too.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
Called today for the 2nd time. When I answered to see if I could find out why they were calling, they informed me they were with AT&T and wanted to talk to me about my... the phone cut off, per their disconnecting... not me.
 Aug 22nd, 2008
Called and hung up.
 Aug 22nd, 2008
These guys keep calling my answering machine and hanging up without leaving a message? How sad is their life?
Key West
 Aug 20th, 2008
No message left. I have Privacy Director. I suppose by putting in "West" they get past my "Privacy Director."
 Aug 20th, 2008
Phone rang, I didn't answer. No message left from this mysterious caller. Area code 210 is San Antonio, TX, but that really doesn't help. Call could've come from anywhere.
 Aug 20th, 2008
this is an at&t markketing outlet company in india
 Aug 19th, 2008
They called multiple times yesterday and didn't leave a message, so I called the number back and got an answering machine for AT&T's internet service.
They called again this morning, so I answered and politely declined service and to be removed from the call list. The rude man on the other end of the line asked why and I said we were perfectly happy with our phone service and our cable internet service. He then proceeded to ask me how much I pay for my cable service and I again asked to be removed. He, obviously irritated, reluctantly agreed.
Now, ironically, my phone has stopped working and they have said it will cost me $85 for a tech to come out to assess the problem.
I'm angry.
 Aug 19th, 2008
This person has called me before. They let it ring and never leave a message. On the caller ID it just says WEST.
 Aug 19th, 2008
Hung up before answering machine came on.
 Aug 18th, 2008
Called for first time today. When the answering machine picked up they hung up.
 Aug 18th, 2008
hung up
 Aug 16th, 2008
Has called multiple times. on my caller ID as private but never leaves a message.
 Aug 16th, 2008
Caller let phone ring three times and did not allow my answering machine to come on, so they could leave a message.
Rick Lasnier
 Aug 15th, 2008
No Message Left.
 Aug 13th, 2008