Yes, it's Conn's. These people are just what the name implies - con's! They call numerous times a day, is there a law against that? You tell them it is in the mail, or you will bring it in on Friday and they STILL call umpteenth times every day until you do. Don't buy anything from them no matter how good a deal you think you are getting. Paying 1200.00 for a 549.00 refrigerator. If paid off early - 829.00. DON'T DO IT!
 Jun 20th, 2014
Conns bill collection am a day late n already been called 16 times keep telling em money is in the mail :)
 Aug 12th, 2013
Call is another number for Conn's collections. I keep telling them I've never had anything with Conn's but they keep calling asking for another person. :/
 Aug 12th, 2013