210-255-3122 is NOT AT&T. This is a scam. Do not answer this call. AT&T doesn't offer these "promotions" via phone.
 May 15th, 2019
I get calls from this number a couple times a day, all week. Caller I.D. states it is At&T, but I'm not so sure. I never answer, but let it go to voicemail. They have only left a message once, and it was from someone with a foreign accent, stating something I couldn't understand. I'm already on the "Do Not Call" list, so am guessing this is a spoof number from another country.
 May 04th, 2019
Here's what *you* have to understand about what *they* are hearing in the call center. You said "not interested". You did not say to stop calling. You did not request the addition of your number to an internal no-call list. You did not secure a mailing address so you can follow up with a cease-comm notice, best sent via USPS Certified with return card.

If you are not specific about what you want, and end to the calls, it's assumed that with enough tries someone will get you "interested". At some call centers the reps are *ordered* not to accept a no-call demand unless it's phrased correctly. Thus, "take me off the list" is wrong. The caller may not have any target list to begin with. To remain in legal compliance, a sales caller must ADD your number to an internal list on request. Your name and address is not needed, only a number.

Much of this assumes the caller is actually concerned about staying legal and not just another offshore scam outfit. In such a case, our laws do no good and you'll have to fall back on less reliable blocking strategies.
 Jan 06th, 2012
210-255-3122. I receive like 2-5 calls a day from this number, for weeks on end. I finally answer it and they state they are from AT&T and try to sell me service (foreign lady and always the same one). I keep telling them I am not interested and they keep calling anyway. So today I called the number back after sitting for 3 minutes with dead silence after answering. It was indeed AT&T. I told the representative that I was tired of getting these calls and she said someone has intercepted their number and is using it. She claims she put my number on a do not call list and that it will take up to a month to stop it. We shall see. Guess I will try to block the number through my phone company. But really what do people not understand when you tell them, "I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR SERVICE"?...
 Jan 05th, 2012