Buildings are quite expensive and not every person can buy it. Nevertheless, loan are invented to aid people in such kind of cases.
 Dec 07th, 2011
For God' sake don't switch to Sage Telecom. ATT still maintains the lines and Sage has no stroke with ATT. My phone goes out after every rain. Customer service is non-existent. Just pay ATT or get Vonnage.
 Nov 30th, 2007
complain to att corporate
pissed off
 Aug 14th, 2007
1:00 p.m. today, Monday 05/01/2007 I received a call from this phone number. Called I.D. only identified phone number. Any info on this number appreciated. Thanks
 Apr 30th, 2007
caller id says ATT but they only ask for my dad im usually the one that answers the phone weve been on their do not call list for several years and they still keep calling we went from sbc/att service to digital phone service because of it and its STILL GOING ON!!!
 Apr 26th, 2007
I am also on the do not call list & I received (2) calls this week from this number regarding upgrading DSL. Both times the caller was a female of Indian descent. Both times I told them I was not interested & advise them if I wanted to make any changes that I would initiate the call. I told the latter female that I was on the DO NOT CALL list & not to call my number anymore. I have also had numerous UNKOWN calls prior to today.
 Mar 29th, 2007
I call back and I give my name and phone number, 10 seconds later a unknown name call me 888-466-1258 asking me if I like a credit card etc, etc. = scam.
 Mar 23rd, 2007
This was a marketing call wanting to upgrade my internet service to Elite. The caller was a man with an apparently Indian accent. I could not understand what he was asking me and said I would have to talk to someone locally about my service. He became very unprofessional and upset that I "assumed he was calling from India." He then informed me he WAS local -- he was calling from TORONTO! I live in Oklahoma and informed him I didn't consider that "local" since he was in a different country. He became angry enough to terminate the call.
 Mar 22nd, 2007
3 minute blank call
 Mar 15th, 2007
I don't know who this is but if your not going to talk quit calling. I am on the do not call list I will report you to the attorney general if this does not stop.
 Mar 08th, 2007
What exactly do they want?
 Mar 03rd, 2007
Successfully Removed From List with help from the FCC!!!
I received a call from ATT's Executive Offices today assuring me that I have been removed from their call list & an apology that it had to go so far as me having to file a complaint with the FCC.
Thank you FCC!!!!
D and J B
 Mar 01st, 2007
I live in Arkansas and I kept receiving calls from the number that would show on my ID as ATT.
I never answer telemarketing calls but that did not deter them; they just kept calling and calling.
I came to this website to check out if they were harrassing anyone else. YES.
The number is in Texas.
In January, I filed a complaint on the website of Texas' Attorney General who in turn forwarded it to the Consumer Protection Division.
I sent an e-mail to the Public Utility Commission of Texas ( about this harrassment.
I also filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission; the National Do Not Call Registery; and with Carlos Ibafiez of the Public Information & Assistance (Office of the Attorney General of Texas) (
Everyone I contacted basically said thank you for contacting will be added to a report for informational may file a private lawsuit.....yadda, yadda, yadda...........
BUT, the calls stop almost immediately! I don't know who helped me but I will be eternally grateful.
D and J B
 Feb 22nd, 2007
I have been getting phone calls from ATT at least 3to4 times a day, especially since I've changed to a different phone company. It's really annoying. I just don't pick up the phone any more.
 Jan 31st, 2007
I get these calls 5-6 times a day, and I am already an AT&T customer. I am sick of the phone ringing, and seeing this number on caller ID. Glad to know I'm not alone in this harassment!
 Jan 30th, 2007
Caller Id is "ATT" only I was ask for by name????
 Jan 23rd, 2007
Because my Caller ID said the call was from AT&T, I did not answer. But I recently changed my phone provider from AT&T (formerly SBC) to Sage Telecom because of some serious billing issues which AT&T refused to address, resulting in me filing a complaint with our state's Public Utilities Commission.
 Jan 16th, 2007
I don't appreciate this person bugging me. I am on the do not call list but they got through. 01-03-2007
 Jan 03rd, 2007
11/28 12:49
11/27 3:10, 1:45
11/22 1:57
11/21 1:44
11/20 2:06
then the next call is from ATT 210-246-7894 & then unknown from 888-322-2785.
M Cates
 Nov 29th, 2006
They call about 5 times a day. It's getting really really annoying.
 Nov 28th, 2006
was told I could upgrade to Elite DSL since my contract was coming up. That's interesting, since I renewed my contract 4 short months ago.
 Nov 27th, 2006
They call at least once a day. On weekends iseems like they call 2-3 times on a Sat and 1-2 times on Sun. all differnt times of the day
 Nov 23rd, 2006
am on the do not call list, it came up as out of area
 Nov 20th, 2006
how can I stop these f@#$## to keep calling me?
 Nov 17th, 2006
I've gotten several of these calls. They call my fax number and haven't figured that out yet. Caller ID said ATT. Called at 3:45pm 11-16-06.
 Nov 16th, 2006
This is moronic. I'm an AT&T customer and I'm getting at least 3-4 hang ups a day. I guarantee a report will go out to the FCC to get them to change their automated calling.
 Nov 09th, 2006
For nearly 3 months I've been getting what I call
'tag-team' calls between the 905 number and 210-246-7894. They average 4 calls each per day. The 201 number reads ATT on my phone; there is never a message left.
 Nov 01st, 2006
We were with SBC when ATT took over. These ppl are idiots. We are going with someone (anyone) else when we move. We are on a "plan" but the bill constantly changes. They also call about 40 times a day.
 Oct 25th, 2006
It's stupid for them to be phone spamming me... I've been an SBC/ATT customer for about the last 8 years... I will be emailing them to stop the phone spam or they will lose me as a customer.
 Oct 23rd, 2006
just don't pick up or answer when you see it on your caller id.
 Sep 09th, 2006
especially ironic as I just yesterday called AT&T and (very politely) asked to be taken off their telemarketing list, which they said they did. Guess they didn't.
 Aug 26th, 2006
We are all aware of the change from SBC to ATT. With all mergers come financial outcomes(us). Does not matter what nationality, they will harrass and keep calling especially if you do not have services with them. All numbers are ported through the main switch which if you want to or not, they have your number. The only way to actually stop them is by contacting FCC.
 Aug 25th, 2006
ATT. the call, ignore requests, letters, etc. to not call. its basically harassment. have dealt with them numerous times and filed complaints. don't make them angry or you will start receiving calls hourly!
 Aug 17th, 2006
210-246-7894 called. When I picked up the phone I could hear an older man and women talking after a few minutes the call dropped. When I called back I received an automated ATT prompt.
 Aug 12th, 2006
i dont know this number and we are on the DO NOT CALL list and have been ever since it came about. 210-246-7894
Aug. 8-2006
1:47 p.m.
 Aug 09th, 2006