I have been receiving multiple calls from somewhat similar numbers for the past week, including: 210.239.0119, and 210.239.0064. I have successfully blocked these calls using the Manage Features function on my AT&T U-Verse account. And, athough, probably not a good idea, I just called the 210.239.0119 number and the voice mail recording indicated that it was a law firm, and inquired (via voice mail)if I had recently been served a summons in regard to a legal matter. In fact, I have not received any summons nor do I have any legal problems, other than several outstanding medical bills. And in each case I have contacted the Clinic or Hospital and have been making monthly payments to providers attempting to pay off those medical bills in regard to a stroke which I suffered earlier this year.

Also, in addition to the above, I received several calls yesterday afternoon from Michigan, Washington, Florida and Illinois. In each case the "who called us" system indicated that these numbers all belong to a Telecommunications firm, but with a variety of different names. Somewhat curious, but I've blocked them as well as I place a high value on my "peace & quiet" during this period of recovery.
 Mar 15th, 2012