Received a call today that began with a recorded message asking if I knew it was LAW to have health insurance and
then said press 1 if you needed insurance and would like to talk to some one. So I pressed 1 as I wanted to know who
called my DO NOT CALL line soliciting health insurance.. as I am a 27 year life and health agent in Texas.
I was given the name of Health Exchange Advisors, I was given the name David Jackson, I was given the web site and once I got to that web site, all I could find was AB Health Plans. I looked up each and every name on the Texas Department of Insurance web site and none of them show up as an agent allowed to sell Health insurance in Texas. I will be reporting this to the TDI an I will be reporting it to the Do not call registry as well.

Do not ever buy insurance from anyone but a long time health agent that you can verify on your state's insurance web site.
You want an agent that will help you when you need help with a claim or a problem. A exchange facilitator is not going to care if you have a problem down the road. You will be on your own.
 Jan 28th, 2015