I have been the victim of a series of calls from U.S. Pharmacy. In the past the calls originated from the Los Angeles, CA area but this # in San Antonio is a new one. No caller ID, but other good folk here have ID'd them. I'm also on the "do not call" list but fat f*n lot of good that does, seeing as these jamokes call on a near daily basis. Reminder for all to notify the FTC and so on, but expect no action. Cheers.
 Sep 30th, 2014
They call me for Month from India to sell me drugs. They change numbers regurarly but it the same SCAM!!! I block one number, they call me on a other number. I NEVER buy anything over the phone, I am on the "DO NOT CALL" List, nothing works...
North Carolina
 Sep 29th, 2014
They use voice over internet protocol. Scam from India. Proposes to be U.S.Pharmacy, wanting to sell, wait for it.....Viagra:)
 Aug 27th, 2014
They have call me four to six time daily. I keep telling
them to stop calling. Call back and the number is no longer
in service. It's a scam
 Aug 26th, 2014