This woman called a neighbor and had him deliver a message to me saying that she was trying to get in contact with me. I dialed the number she had given him which rang like 10 times then went to voicemail. Then I get this message "This is the office of Sateria Maga, please leave your phone number, address, and *SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER* that is associated with your account and I'll get back to you." Who is going to leave an SSN in some stranger's voicemail? And what account? This has to be some sort of scam or someone incredibly inept at what they're doing. If it's a bill collector she failed in the standard tactic of "humiliating" me by telling the neighbor I owed money. At least if that's what was done he made no mention of it. As if I'd care anyway. Also I'm pretty sure I'm listed in the phone book so I don't know what this woman is trying to do besides phish for my SSN.
Sateria Maga
 Feb 12th, 2008