Just received a clearly bogus student loan collection agency bill in the postal mail at my business name and address from the following company - Performant Recovery Inc. Their phone numbers are : 209-858-3500 aka 209-858-3850 aka 209-858-0600 aka 325-224-6001 aka 325-224-6504 aka 325-224-6728 aka 510-636-0505 aka 510-636-0300 aka 510-636-0400 aka 510-636-0666 aka 510-639-2353 aka 541-955-7800 aka 717-961-5107 aka 800-766-0190 aka 800-766-7617 aka 800-866-5317 aka 800-927-7667 aka 888-310-2006 aka 888-335-6267 aka 925-960-4766 aka 925-960-4800 aka 925-960-4880. Their websites are : PerformantCorp.com aka DCSQuickPay.com aka EpayQuick.com aka DCSrac.com. Their business names are : Performant aka Performant Recovery Inc aka Performant Financial Corporation aka Diversified Collection Services Inc aka DCS Inc. Their addresses are : P. O. Box 9054 Pleasanton CA 94566-9054, P. O. Box 9057 Pleasanton CA 94566-9057, 333 North Canyons Parkway Suite 100 Livermore CA 94551, with other locations in Pleasanton CA, Lathrop CA, Grants Pass OR, San Angelo TX, and Miami Lakes FL. The representatives name is Hal Cox. The supposed Amount Referred : $240.91. The supposed Current Balance : $192.73. The supposed Pay This Amount : $38.55. The supposed Due Date : 12-13-14. This postal mailing is in direct violation of the FDCPA Section 809 (b). Our business has NO prior notices of ANY delinquent accounts, no outstanding student loans, no outstanding debts other than to our regular Net 30 distributors (who would call us if we were past due, which we are not). We clearly do not have any debt with them or anyone else, so this past due collection attempt is clearly FRAUD. We WILL be filling a formal complaint directly with the BBB, the FTC.gov, and the AG's Office of California for attempted fraud.
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 Dec 08th, 2014