Voicemail said they were calling from IRS and that a lawsuit was against me, and to call the number back for more information.
I reported them to and Treasury Dept as an IRS scam.
 Jul 23rd, 2015
i got a call and they said that they were calling from a law firm and i had a law suit agenst me, from a place called quick cash(wich i had never herd of) they new my last 4 digets of my ssn# and told me that if i didnt make a payment with them i was going to jail, when i asked what the account num they claimed to have sent me money to they got very angrey and said for me to wait til mon, cause a police officer was going to pick me up and i was going to jail for 6mths. it was a compleat scam, i called my bank and they told me to talk to the identity theft people.
 Aug 20th, 2010
Just got this call today, Unfortunately They already got me for 600.00 last year. Cause I did owe some money to online payday services. They wanted my checking acct number. Luckily I was smart enough to say no. Other wise they would have cleaned me out.I just wanted to pay my bill,and when they read my ss# off to me ,I thought I was really dealing with someone legit. I sent them Money-gram,even though my instincts told me something wasnt right. Wished I would have listened. So this time when they called , I recognised the same voice and yelled in the phone,that I was calling the police,he better not call me again. He quickly hung-up.
I did call the Police in My Area. Would like to persue this...further.
 Aug 20th, 2010
I am a legal assistant for a bankruptcy law firm, one of my jobs is to stop the harrassing phone calls for our clients... in this particular case a client called and said that he got a VERY rude harrassing call and they even talked to his manager. he gave me the ph # so that i could call them back to stop the harrassing calls. when i called an Indian or Paskistani male answered the phone he said his name was Ryan (wierd) so i started telling him what i usally tell the creditor. When i talk to creditors they will ask me for our law firm info, attorney's name, etc. In this case Ryan(") only wanted to take MY info... my whole name and my direct phone number, he didnt care about getting our law firm info. and he also wanted our clients full name and phone number as well... the whole conversation was fishy... right before we hung up he called me by my first name instead of saying mam... and he said you have a VERY lovely voice (his tone of voice was seductive) VERY UN PROFESSIONAL...

I unestly think this phone # (209)812-0703 is a complete scam... we need to protect our selfs from BAD people
Legal Assistant
 Aug 20th, 2010
The man named Dave Johnson said it was the last and final warning for me and he was calling from the Cyber Crimes Division/Unit. Said he had a legal case against me and read off the last four digits of my social. This is a SCAM and they are calling from India. DO NOT pay these criminals any money and contact your state attorney general's office. This man said if I didn't call back he would send officers to my work place to pick me up and take me to court. This is not true and they try to scare people.
 Aug 20th, 2010
Got a call twice from a man who said his name was Andy Williams but I highly doubt that it is his name as he sounds Nigerian! Im getting these calls on my cell phone. Message was that I needed to call back ASAP they had recieved a complaint against my name and SS# and he wants to talk to me and get more information before handing it over to his crime investigator. He said he was with Cyber Crime Unit. I will not be calling him back as I and the people I haver discussed this with say it is a total scam!
 Aug 20th, 2010
This is a scam. They claim you owe on a payday loan and the company is suing you. The guy that called me claimed to be a lawyer named Dave Johnson. He threatend I would lose my job/car if I didn't pay and that I would get arrested tomorrow at 11am if I didn't show up in court. He didn't say what court, so apparently I should just pick one. He also wouldn't provide proof of the debt. I reported this to the police.

Do not give them any info! Hang up!
 Aug 20th, 2010
Just got a call from number with no caller id. This one came through the office line so because we do have some people that we do business with who have unlisted numbers, I took the call. It was a gentleman, with a very heavy Indian or Paskistani accent who's name according to him was Adam MacEnvi. I seriously doubt that was his name. Unlike other scam callers, this one was at least polite. He left a message with the receptionist and this number. He was definately working in a call center and not one with very good equipment because I could hear everything going on. I have been suspcious of all of these types of call ever since my information was stolen from a form that I filled out online. NEVER DO THAT! They blow up my cell phone constantly and I have to have my ringer off at work. I will not be calling this gentleman back because it is so obviously another scam who will try to get my information for my bank account so they can rob me blind. No thanks. I appreciate that there are sites like this one where people can post.
 Aug 18th, 2010