The common microsoft tech support scam. This is the second call from them. The first time, being skeptical, I asked them to verify my computers name and ip address. He could not and hung up on me.

The second time it was a female and I immediately asked for a reply phone number and was given 209-8001-050... said like that. I then asked where they were calling from and she replied microsoft technical support. I then inquired about a business address. I had to ask 4 times before being hung up on.

I called back with intent to complain that I was hung up on - but the number is disconnected. You can report this scam to the FBI at

If any one finds out a good reply phone number for them - I would love to harass them on my lunch every day for fun.
 Dec 11th, 2013
Received PRIVATE caller call with experience similar to what others describe. He shared he was with Windows technical Department and that our computer was attacked by an aggressive virus based on their department having traced it to our IP address. He asked that I get at my computer so he could walk me through to Section or Sector 5 (?) of our computer where the damage would have been done. Being skeptical, I asked for a number to call him back at which he provided as 209.800.1050, and his name,Joseph (which was interesting as he sounded he spoke with a strong accent, perhaps Indian), and he shared his ID was J126. He did not discourage me to research this and to call him back. Glad to have found this site.
 Nov 22nd, 2013
"David" claimed he was calling on behalf of Windows Technical Department and did I own a computer? He then explained that Windows had received reports of error messages and corrupt viruses from my computer.I asked him to verify my IP address, or send me copies of the error messages received by Windows, to which he could not.

He then asked me to go into my computer and hit the windows key plus the letter "r". When I refused, he told me that my computer was having difficulties and that I needed to preform these tasks in order to clean it.

Ultimately when I refused to do the tasks he had asked me to do and I requested to speak his manager he got offended and nasty. While I was speaking with him, I found this site and told him that I was aware that what he was asking me to do was part of a scam and tried to read him the riot act (how can you rest your head at night kind of thing).

Window's doesn't call anyone. That I know.
 Nov 18th, 2013
received a call from whoever stating they were calling from windows technical dept.. and my computer had errors and my certifications and registries were expired. The person had we enter a number of commands to show me what the errors where then transferred me to a "tech" I had asked for the gentleman's name and I use gentleman loosely, he said it was Roger Bacon. Was led to Teamviewer8 so he could have access to fix my problem. When I questioned him or made any mention of a scam or hacker he became extremely rude and made threats that he would shut my computer down I would "have to buy a new one" continued to be rude and threatening when I wouldn't pay for the services he wanted to do. Called me rude and stupid I told him but my computer back to the way it was when he refused and continued to threaten me I shut the Teamviewer8 down he yelled at me and hung up the phone.. called back 4 times each time leaving messages like 'I told you,now you will suffer the consequences." Actually called again 2 days Later and tried the whole thing over again Hi im Ron from Windows support...told them never call me again and hung up!! Just remember Windows or Microsoft will never make calls to your home this is a HUGE SCAM!!!!
 Nov 09th, 2013
Short story - They tried to say that they were from Microsoft Tech Support and that my product key was out of date. They led me to run a series of commands on my computer saying that my computer was infected and that they could fix it. I was led to where I was asked to download the software so they could have control of my computer. I wasn't made aware of this until it started to happen and as soon as I asked them to stop, they got really defensive, rude, and confrontational. I shut down the computer immediately and hung up the phone.
 Sep 06th, 2013