It's a SCAM!!! They call and leave me tons of messages. The majority of the time, I would get a live person leaving me a message stating that they are from California Cash Advance (I live in Wisconsin) and that my loan application for $3000 has been approved. Then they give me rates and how much my monthly installments would be. I never applied to anything and even checked my credit report to see if it was on there and it's not. I got a recording once stating that if I need a loan, to apply at I looked at another website and someone else said that they fell for it. They called to get the loan and then the scammer would demand bank fees for $150 and then later an additional $350. BEWARE! The number comes up as unknown, but usually the live person tells you to call them back at 209-753-4932.
L. E.
 Nov 26th, 2012