I too got a call on my message machine. No message except a hangup. Waste of time to call them back. Opportunists looking for an opportunity.
 Jul 07th, 2008
I have at least 10 phone numbers they spam from all over the US.
This mess continues for me now since April.
I complained to the Do Not Call list. That of course went no place.
I continue to keep a record of their calls and the phone number they called from.
Good luck to all you people who get spammed by them.
They are a bunch of real pricks.
 Jul 07th, 2008
I'm sorry to say that the same experience applies to me.
 Jul 02nd, 2008
They have been calling me for home, on my unlisted cell (like 3 days after I bought the pre-paid number), and at my office (I teach at a university) and they NEVER have removed me from their list despite literally dozens of requests to do so. There are some rude folks working there, too, when I've been able to speak to someone directly. The irony of it all--I do not *have* a car. Just a bike. They hang up now after the first ring because I got the "this number does not accept solicitations" option from Qwest (a reasonably priced service). Sigh.
 Jul 02nd, 2008
i just got a new phone number and they have called me almost everyday. i don't even know these guys! and they DO hang up on you when you ask them not to call. and when i tried to call the number back, it said the number wasn't in service. who knows what's going on with these jerks.
 Jul 02nd, 2008
they have an automated phone system that randomly dials every extension for us. (and this is the police dept they are calling) When I pressed to speak with an agent i explained I wanted our numbers removed and the agent was the RUDEST person ever and said "i dont care if you are the police theres nothing we will do." and hung up on me. Great service I know I would really want them to represent me as a customer. (sarcasism in voice)
 Jul 02nd, 2008
I pressed one to talk to a representative and it hung up on me and when you call the number back from callerid it is not in service....??????
 Jul 02nd, 2008
It's an automated system that says "Your car warranty is going to expire soon"
 Jul 01st, 2008
these ass holes call my work phone all week long and when you ask them to stop calling, they hang up on you.
 Jul 01st, 2008